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How can Indian AI-driven startups service enterprises?

The creation of a cordial platform for conversation and engagement can take ‘involvement’ and ‘learning’ to the next level. With this belief, LetsVenture launched a series of knowledge and engagement sessions ‘Pitchbook’. A combination of offline events and a online repository of content, Pitchbook can help our community take a deep dive into tech-savvy topics such as AI and ML, amongst others. Subsequently, we aim to create awareness amongst stakeholders while taking cues from practitioners.

In this session, Speciale Invest’s Arjun Rao shares his understanding of how Indian AI startups can succeed in B2B sales. He believes AI startups should target multiple verticals while avoiding deep customisations.

“AI – The Pixie Dust” report by SenseAI brings to the table a mature view on the technological landscape. And, it also covers the potential that’s been explored already and the opportunities that lie ahead of us. Download the AI Pitchbook report to find out:

  • How to evaluate AI startups for investment
  • What business models will work
  • Where are VC $$ being invested now
  • Sectors ripe for AI disruption
  • Case studies from LetsVenture & perspectives from marquee angel investors

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