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The LetsVenture Fundraise Experience: Trell

Curious to know what kind of startups get funded on LetsVenture? Well, all kinds of startups, but it helps to understand the characteristics of a funded startup to gauge how ready you are for your Fundraise. Check out this quick Q&A with Trell founders Prashant and Pulkit to learn more about their company.

Q: What is Trell?

Trell is a local experience sharing network that facilitates people to talk about their interesting explorations and favourite places such as fun hangout spots, maggie hubs, ice cream corners, scenic getaways, stunning travel stories full of adventures etc. in an all new visual format.

Through the app, users can upload a picture, include a location, add what they liked about the place with relevant visual tags and share it with other users on the platform in a form of Trail or collections. As they explore the platform, users can also bookmark posts they like for location based reminders at an appropriate time later.

Q: What problem are you solving?

Local discovery is largely an unsolved problem.  The existing solutions (like Foursquare, Zomato, Cleartrip Local etc) are primarily static listings, blogs or click baiting links.

We observed a consumer behaviour shift towards profiles on Instagram and twitter that facilitate local discovery (like Things to do in Mumbai, Streets of India, Mumbaifoodie etc.). This type of discovery model is becoming increasingly popular because it’s fun, it’s fresh and it has an element of surprise. Most importantly, its experience first.

Q: What market is Trell addressing?

We are approaching the O2O market with $90.4 Bn Total Market Size in India in an innovative way with a great product having a roadmap of infinite possibilities. Today, millennials are tech-savvy, informed with the latest trends, and very active on social media who are highly unpredictable. In such a case, having a platform that gives them a sense of being projected as an “explorer”, “foodie” or “traveller” gives an immense ego-boost which is ideal for tapping into the behaviour of the millennials generation. It provides them with a chance to be cool and different, two things they value a lot.

Q: Who are the core team members?

Trell was started by the core team of IIT Bombay alumni Pulkit Agrawal (Ex-Qualcomm), Arun Lodhi, Prashant Sachan (Ex-Microsoft), NITIE alumnus Bimal Kartheek Rebba (Ex-ITC) and Akshay Mehta (Ex-ParityCube) and Nirav Sheth (Ex-EY) from Mumbai University.

Q: Tell us about your Journey

Before coming up with the application, we formed an active community of explorers (foodies, photographers, travellers) on Instagram which got viral with 250K+ organic followers spread across 15 cities and reaching out to people with 4.3M+ weekly impressions. It helped us to understand and gain insights into user behaviour patterns. Also, we interacted with more than 1000 bloggers & travellers on a personal level to realise their needs and gaps in the ecosystem.  That’s when we decided to form a dedicated platform for them where they can effortlessly create collections and share their journeys or trails.

Trell with its innovative format and peer to peer approach has been appreciated worldwide and selected in StartupBootcamp’16 – (Europe’s Largest Business Accelerator) as “Top 10 promising startups worldwide”, Nasscom’s 10K Program and FBStart.

We have also been featured in various newspaper columns for the community engaging activities like DNA, Guardian,London, Bangalore Local, Nearfox, Blogs etc.

Q: What are your next steps?

After the successful and highly engaging beta launch of Trell App on Android with more than 20,000 users and 93% returning rate, we received requests from a lot of users in the community to come up with iOS and open the network for everyone. Hence, we decided to build one and are releasing the iOS App and revamped Android app on 30th May’17. This will take the user experience to a whole new level and people who were using it in beta are already in love with it.


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