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Power Searching with LetsVenture’s Advanced Search

Meet LetsVenture’s smart new feature that allows you to explore more startups, while filtering and customising your search results

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Fact: Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

But, what is the point of searching endlessly, if we can’t find the right results?…Very often, (especially when looking for something very specific) we tend to go off-track trying to come up with the right keywords. Of course your search on LetsVenture isn’t as arbitrary. But we understand and recognise your need to be able to discover the right startups (given the right filters). We realise your needs are specific. Which is why we’ve created a search engine to ensure your results are equally specific and tailored to your needs.

Below is a walkthrough on how LetsVenture’s Advanced search feature can help you find the right startups!

Before we get into the advanced search, lets look at what you can find using our basic search

Our basic search is built to help you find startups by name (i.e. when you know of a certain startup and are interested in looking at their profile directly). We also give you the option of looking for startups by hashtags, sectors, stages, locations and funding ask. Thus the basic search is great if you want to quickly search for startups based on these criteria.


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On to the advanced search:

The Advanced search, as its name suggests, gives you a more powerful way to search for startups on the platform using a large set of criteria. These criteria are categorised into sections and each section is tailored to provide results that match your needs to search for startups on the platform. Let us go through the sections at large (note: will not go into detail for sections that are also a part of the basic search)

LISTS: Under this section, you can look for startups under specific tabs i.e. Featured , All startups and startups that are Actively Fundraising .

SECTORS: Is a section common to both, advanced as well as the basic search and the functionality remains the same i.e. you have a drop down of all the sectors our startups function in, so you can click on the ones that are specific and relevant to you, thus narrowing your search down to only those startups who have made sure to list themselves under these sector tags.

STAGE: Again ‘stage’ is something that is common to both our search options and we have narrowed it down into three buckets – Revenue , Beta (POC) and Ideation.

BUSINESS TYPE: Under this tab startups have broadly categorised themselves into either B2B or B2C

TEAM: This filter has been included under advanced search to enable you to look for startups belonging to specific Alumni, as well as on the basis of companies they have worked with in the past. Eg: A startup whose founders are from IIT are are both ex Google employees (narrowing your search down to these specific parameters)

LOCATION: Another criteria that is common to both basic and advanced search.

COMMITS: This criteria lets you explore startups within two parameters

Commits Received: Wherein you can decide if you are looking for startups that fall under a specific range in terms of the percentage commit they have received

Min Commits: Here we list the startups according to the minimum commitment amount that is allowed for each of them.

FINANCIALS: Under the Financials tab, there are three sub filters:

Funding ask under which there are boxes for you to specify your prefered range of funding that is being asked for by startups (starting from 10L up to 100Cr)

Dilution: Filter startups by the percentage of dilution specified by them. Ranging between 0% to 100%

Instrument: Narrowing down the startups by their financial instrument i.e. either through private equity or convertible debt.

INVESTORS: This filter helps you find startups based on investors who have committed to the startup round

Has a lead investor: Where the startup comes with a lead investor, thus enabling conversations to take place with another investor who has already reviewed the startup and can act as a validator on their behalf.

My Co Investors:  Search for startups who have commitments from your co-investors (investors who have invested along with you in previous funding rounds on LetsVenture)

Investors I follow: This sub filter will reveal the startups that your network of investors are investing in

ACCELERATORS/INCUBATORS: LetsVenture has partnered with a few accelerators and incubators whose Alumni startups are listed on our platform.

This filter enables you to search for startups belonging to these accelerators and incubators (that validate them).

(Please find advanced search view below)

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