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Monthly Pitch Session with LetsVenture

Hi there!

As Sunitha explained in the video above, based on some very useful feedback from investors across the Indian startup system, LetsVenture has introduced monthly pitch sessions. The focus of these sessions are to facilitate conversations between startups and investors. We understand the importance of getting to know a company before making a decision to invest in them and we hope to bridge that gap in these sessions.

“90% of investors found at least one startup interesting.” – Our last pitch session

There are TWO pitch session series.

Online Pitch Sessions:
Scheduled for an hour every first thursday of the month, between 7 pm and 8 pm, participants will be part of an online pitch session with 3-5 startups. The pitch session will have a presentation and Q&A segment for each startup.  Investors can also use this time to address any specific matters/feedback with regard to LetsVenture as well as dedicated topics.

Offline Pitch Sessions:

Every month we will be hosting pitch sessions in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi where we have large investor bases. The pitch session will be 2 hours long and will feature 3-5 startups curated by the LetsVenture startup team. This is a great opportunity to meet the founders in person and learn more about their entrepreneurial journey.

The pitch sessions are open to all investors on the LetsVenture Platform. We hope this post was informative and look forward to seeing you at our next pitch session!

Upcoming sessions:

  • Mumbai on May 24th 2017
  • Delhi  on May 31st 2017
  • Online Pitch Session June 1st 2017

If you have any questions on the pitch sessions or want more details, please email

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