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Episode 11: Leverage Your Influencer Power

In this Episode of #LVSoundbites we sat down with Shweta Shalini, Co-Convenor, IT Cell – Maharashtra State for an insightful chat on brand building for startups. She shared insights on:

  • How should early stage startups approach brand building, moving from zero to the next level?
  • How should startups approach influencer marketing?
  • How can policy makers work with platforms like LetsVenture to build a stronger ecosystem?
  • What are you excited to see happen in the Indian startup ecosystem?

As the spokesperson of BJP Maharashtra, Shweta Shalini is a government policy implementation expert who has ushered in a new era of politics. She is an entrepreneur, an Indian market expert, speaker, syndicated blogger, philanthropist, youth icon and a thought leader in politics, marketing, technology, design and learning industry.

Shweta is an accomplished Indian market expert, serial entrepreneur,dynamic speaker,syndicated blogger, philanthropist and a thought leader in marketing,design and learning industry. As a founder and entrepreneur Shweta leads a diverse business portfolio across digital design, training, consulting, business development and defense equipment industry. Shweta is also a member of Young Entrepreneur Council and a contributor to various magazines.She consults with SMEs to help them set up smart,sustainable and profitable businesses.

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