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LetsVenture Portfolio Showcase | 100+ investors, 40+ startups, reinventing demo days.

With COVID halting all in-person meetings, LetsVenture decided to host the inaugural edition of portfolio showcase day virtually this year but with a difference. In a time-crunched world and accelerating pace of startup investments, LetsVenture brought together 40 of its leading portfolio startups seeking to raise $140 mn in up rounds. 

In order to facilitate seamless interaction between startups and investors, we set up a DIY portal where investors could view the startups and connect with ones relevant to them. The LetsVenture team spearheaded the connections owing to which over 150 meetings between investors and startups were set up. 

We had 40+ early-stage startups across the popular sectors of SaaS, D2C, Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech and a host of promising startups across emerging sectors as well. Over 130 plus investors from India and global destinations participated in the week-long activity. 

Source: TechCrunch and CrunchBase News 

With venture capital flowing through India at a record high level as depicted by the figures above the ecosystem has raced far ahead of the dip in venture funding due to COVID in 2020 and has surpassed the early years of funding boom witnessed in 2012-14.

With over $3 billion in portfolio value, 469 plus funding rounds raised, and over $374 million raised in funding rounds on LetsVenture, investors and startups have been at the forefront of enabling LetsVenture to emerge as the pioneer in India’s capital transformation across private markets. 

However, it’s Day 1 for us and we have a lot more to do in the years to come in the next edition of our portfolio showcase day which promises to be larger in scale and will unlock a new wave of opportunities for investors and founders alike.

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