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Launching LV Titans – Family Offices can now make Startup investments

LetsVenture has recently announced the launch of LV Titans, a private platform exclusively for top-tier Family Offices to access curated investment opportunities.

Till date, LetsVenture used to focus on serving Angel Investors only. On their online platform, 700 angel investors have deployed capital into 138 companies. The 2014 portfolio is already up 3X, with some of the companies achieving 10-12X within just 3 years!

LV Titans

Through LV Titans, we aim to recreate the company’s success in the Family Office segment by sourcing exclusive investment opportunities in growth stage startups for this emerging class of high profile investors. In the last 3-4 years, more than 100 Family Offices have been setup in India alone. These are families who have had liquidity events after taking their companies public. Or, they have exited their stakes to PE funds and strategic acquirers.

“Growth stage entrepreneurs are typically aware of a small number of capital sources – mostly VC Funds. LV Titans will unlock new alternate sources of capital for such startups. Titans of the business world bring a wealth of domain expertise, business acumen, networks, and a deep understanding of the Indian market. These are owners of Family Offices who have built large, profitable businesses in the pre-venture era. They are perfect partners to entrepreneurs who are scaling their technology & innovation in the market.” said Shanti Mohan, Founder & CEO of LetsVenture.

Family Offices are becoming keen to invest in entrepreneurial ventures. However, they have lacked a structured approach to accessing the Startup & Venture asset class, which the LV Titans platform is now providing to them. We engage with 80 family offices across India, Singapore, and the Middle East. 

“Our platform will also enable family offices to diversify into hi-tech opportunities in Silicon Valley and Israel. LV Titans will be a comprehensive partner to sophisticated Family Offices for the Venture asset class. Based on the early traction we witnessed since our beta launch 6 months ago, we expect more than INR 1000 Cr to be invested on the LV Titans platform over the next couple of years.” said Ganesh Nayak, Director of LV Titans.


Marquee Family Offices like Nandan Nilekani, Rishad Premji, Ratan Tata, Mohandas Pai, Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Karan Singh Thakral, etc. back LetsVenture.


This news was covered by Times of India, Economic Times and Business World.

About Family Offices

Family offices have made 288 private company investments in the last five years. This is according to data from Venture  Intelligence PE-VC Deals Database. (These transactions, including contribution of co-investing PE-VC funds, was worth $4.5 Billion). Examples of such investments are many. Popular ones include PremjiInvest in and Nandan Nilekani in Power2SME. Also, Catamaran Ventures in Acko and Kris Gopalakrishnan in MedGenome are noteworthy.

Source: Venture Intelligence

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