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Introducing LV Fuel | Founders fuelling Founders

By Team LetsVenture

Entrepreneurship is the best creative expression – the best way to build value, wealth and long term friendships for yourself, your employees and investors. When we talk to founders, the single biggest challenge of starting up is capital. Interestingly today ease of fundraising is relative – there is no one graded answer to the question. However, what does stand out as important for ALL founders is the “quality” of capital.

Emphasis on the quality of capital is the sign of a maturing ecosystem. We all know starting up is not easy and can be a lonely journey, especially for first-time founders. 

What could make this journey easier is if we could build a ‘community’ of founders who could be sources of capital, customer or conversation!

Introducing LV Fuel 

LV Fuel is an investment syndicate of daring & seasoned founder-investors, who are looking to support and nurture (via capital, time & more) the next generation of disruptive, bold & purpose-led entrepreneurs across sectors and stages – right from idea to scaleup. 

Laying out the future roadmap and vision for LV Fuel, Shanti Mohan, Co-founder & CEO, LetsVenture, says- “There were 2 main drivers for launching LV Fuel. First was a maturing ecosystem where we have a large number of founders who have built scalable businesses and would be the best mentors to new founders. Second is the large number of founders who are now signing up as investors on LetsVenture. Private market investing made easy and accessible remains key to all our initiatives. 

Tie the two drivers together and we have an invaluable community of Founder-Investors. Having a founder be part of the captable is the best capital a new founder can ask for – the empathy, understanding and friendship become invaluable. 

We maintain that seed rounds will change from Friend and Family to Friend, Family and Founders! LV Fuel wants to fuel this by being a partner in a founder’s wealth creation journey – be it capital raise or capital investing.”

The Fuel philosophy

LV Fuel aims to support founders who not only have the hunger and talent to create disruptive companies but also possess the indomitable will to succeed and become market leaders in their respective domains. 

The “Founder-Investors” of LV Fuel are pioneers in their own domains who have built companies geared at tackling the most pertinent & large scale challenges and want to pay it forward by guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

“LV Fuel provides an opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to help in the journey of other founders as well as pay it forward. LV also lowered the commitment amount which enabled us to participate. I really believe in the Bharat story and LV Fuel has also allowed me to see how other founders are approaching this market and be a part of their journey” says Rajat Garg, CEO, MyUpchar.

“As founders, we always get intrigued towards solving a massive problem and turning it into huge value for all related stakeholders but unfortunately we can’t while focussing on our own startup. LV Fuel has given us an opportunity to have skin in the game with just a nominal investment for all those ideas where we would have probably worked ourselves” says Ankit Prasad, CEO, Co-founder, Bobble AI.

These are founders who are:

  • Battle-hardened: Know the journey and have been in the trenches. 
  • Powerful network: Will open doors for founders in the ecosystem to potential customers, VC’s and more.
  • Uniquely diverse: Come with diverse skills in the areas of operations, finance, marketing and more to help founders scale their startups.
  • Dedicated Mentors: Will proactively mentor founders as an Investor and Advisor.

How will it work? 

LV Fuel aims to stand apart by helping founders understand and navigate the pressures of being a founder while bringing forth the bigger picture of what it takes to become India’s next big startup success story in the following way

    • Along with the founders’ syndicate of LV Fuel, the LetsVenture network (investors and founders outside of this syndicate) can also invest capital varying from a minimum of $30,000 to $2 million.
    • LV Fuel enables the founder-investors to invest in as many startup’s as they like. There is no fixed limit. 
    • LV fuel aims to invest in a minimum of 20 companies initially and 20% of the investments will be geared towards women entrepreneurs and founders from Tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • Sector & Stage agnostic early-stage investing (pre-Series A): So whether your idea is on a napkin, beta stage or has paying users, LV Fuel is open to all.  
  • Along with the founder investors,  LetsVenture will also play a significant role in the process by supporting these startups with a host of benefits from infrastructure credits, the opportunity to become a founder-investor in LV Fuel, marketing support when needed, VC connections for follow on rounds and more. 
  • Anyone outside the LetsVenture network can refer startups to LV Fuel by simply writing into

To know more about LV Fuel and apply to the same visit:

To learn more about the process visit:

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