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Insense Raises Funding in Its Angel Round

Bangalore, Feb 5, 2016- Insense, a targeted advertising company that distributes card linked cash back offers, raise Undisclosed Angel Round from  Abhishek Agarwal on LetsVenture.

“I am backing Insense and leading their current round mainly for 3 reasons: (1) A business model which can be scaled at a rapid pace (2) Tech ability of targeted marketing to reach specific kind of customers resulting in high marketing ROI for merchants (3) An already established proven business model in the West which can be replicated by Insense here in India. Early mover advantage in the space in India with ready-to-use technology is a great positive point. Paras is a transparent and flexible person with very high ethical standards. He has demonstrated his capability with a strong academic background and experience of working with global consulting and private equity firms. I think Insense has a fair potential to grow big and this round will help them build a strong business model before they go for Series A.” said Abhishek Agarwal, Member at TiE and IAN and lead investor in the round.

Insense will greatly help banks to leverage the goldmine of data that they sit on, to enable merchant-funded cash back. This is so much more meaningful for both the banks as well as merchants when compared to the unsustainable discounts being offered by players who burn cash to get paid the market share. The company discovered their Lead Investor on our platform, and raised funds from a variety of investors in India and globally.” said Shanti Mohan, founder of LetsVenture

Insense is a highly measurable and targeted Indian advertising network with the ability to directly attribute advertising to sales uplift and targets based on demographic data, location data and purchase/spend data of customers. Insense has 31 million+ user with $15B spend data via HDFC Bank partnership.

About Insense

Insense is a targeted advertising company that distributes card linked cashback offers to customers based on purchase history.

About LetsVenture

Founded in 2013, LetsVenture enables startups and investors to discover and connect with each other. There are 12000+ startups and 2200+ investors on the platform. LetsVenture works with startups and investors on discovery, syndication and closure. This involves managing due diligence and paperwork closure. LetsVenture has enabled more than 100 startups to raise over $40mn.

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