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Episode 12: India 2 is a marketplace of fast adopters.

In this episode of #LVSoundbites we sat down with Chief Product Manager at UIDAI and Chief Architect of Aadhar, Sanjay Jain. We asked him 5 questions:

  1. What is your one piece of advice for anyone trying to build for India 2?
  2. Why focus on India 2?
  3. Do you see a potential hurdle in adoption of technology in India 2?
  4. On a policy level, what can the governemnt do to further enable entrepreneurial activity in India?
  5. What is the one recent India 2 focused policy that founders should definitely be aware of?

Some key insights:

  • It’s time for entrepreneurs to focus on the customer. It’s not about what the customer is doing today but about what he/she want to do.
  • Most startups focus on India 1 which is about 60 million people. India 2 needs to be the next target with a market of 400-odd million Indians
  • One thing to know: India 2 is a fast adopting market.
  • The biggest hurdle with India 2 is understanding the customer and setting up the right infrastructure
  • India needs to have a stable policy environment to grow sustainably
  • Digital India is

About Sanjay Jain:

Sanjay Jain has been the Chief Product Manager at UIDAI since 2010. He leads the product development efforts at the UID Technology Development Unit, and is based in Bangalore.

Before joining UIDAI, Sanjay was Product Manager at Google India, where he was responsible for Google News and Google News Archives.Prior to that, he worked on the creation and launch of Google Map Maker – a crowd-sourced mapping product that is responsible for Google Maps data for 160+ countries (including India).Prior to joining Google in 2004, Sanjay was a founder employee at Praja, where he worked with founders – CK Prahalad, and Ramesh Jain to build a Business Activity Monitoring product (later acquired by TIBCO).

He was also the founder of RDC (later renamed – IndiaWorld Communications). At the start of his career, Sanjay worked is the system performance group at Sun, and was responsible for various functional CPU simulators. Sanjay holds an M.S. in Computer Science, from the University of California, Los Angeles and a B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Outside of work, Sanjay serves on the board of directors of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association, and as the President of the Bangalore chapter.

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