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Cheers to All The Pet Parents, TailsLife Gets Funded in its Angel Round

Bangalore, December 5, 2016 -TailsLife, mobile application created to address ‘pet parent’s’ needs, raise an Undisclosed Angel Round from  Mohan Kumar (NVP Norwest Ventures) and V. Balakrishnan (Exfinity)  and others on LetsVenture

Other investors who funded TailsLife include Encube Venture Partners LLP, Satish Tembad (Individual Investor), Vineet Jain (Individual Investor) and Nishanth Ramkutty (Individual Investor).

“Balaji and founders of TailsLife are passionate about pets and animals. This is a must for anyone to succeed in this space. They are taking the right approach to network the Vet’s and make their advice available to pet owners. TailsLife is not just a transaction App, it connects the entire life journey of the pet with you, making it a memorable experience. As a pet lover, I really love Tailslife and I believe every pet owner will enjoy the experience.” said lead investor Mohan Kumar of NVP Norwest Ventures.

“With rising disposable income and pet ownership, India is one of the fastest growing pet markets in the world. What India lacks is an integrated ecosystem where pet owners can get all their needs fulfilled in a common single platform. Being a pet owner myself, I am happy to be invested in Tails life which provides a unique, unparalleled market place experience for all pet owners. The team at Tails life is passionate and are committed to make it a great success” said V. Balakrishnan, Exfinity Ventures.

“Our Chief Inspiration officer is my 2-year-old English Cocker Spaniel, Pepper. So when I got him to Bangalore from my hometown Coimbatore, it was quite a struggle for us to find the best solutions and pet services in the city and thus hit upon the idea of creating an app that would be very helpful to other pet parents” said Balaji Ramesh, Co-Founder and CEO of TailsLife.

About TailsLife

An app created specially to meet the needs of every pet parent across India. TailsLife aims at making pet parenting easier and happier by providing content specific to the breed and age of your pet and easier access to vet, grooming and boarding services. They have also developed a free (for now) backend portal that helps pet service providers manage appointments.

The latest version of the app includes:

1)  Customized content feed: So once you have registered your pet’s breed and age with us you will automatically get informative articles that are more relatable to their age and type.  

2) Pet Services: With a click of a button get in touch with the best spas, salon services, boarding kennels and more.

3) Dedicated Pet Forum: Join “Tales “; which is totally dedicated to your pet. You can virtually shake a leg with other pet parents and share your story. You can also share and view interesting pet stories from around the world.

About LetsVenture

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