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LV Web Chat (update)

We are excited to announce the new LV Web Chat. As our product manager explained in 43 seconds, we noticed a pain point where conversations on mobile and conversations on the platform were disconnected. So, guided by your amazing feedback, we worked hard to introduce a chat feature to have seamless communication across both web and mobile.

A big part of our work is ensuring startups and investors have an easy means to connect with each other. Our new update makes it easier to communicate and interact with Investors. For both founder and investor, a simple conversation is the start of a much bigger dialogue and we know how important this is.

How it works:

When an investor connects with a startup, a chat room gets created between the investor and the startup. It features a ‘tool tip’, which can be used to access your inbox as well.

When a connection is made, emails are sent to both parties: “Investor wants to connect…” and “Thank You for your interest….”.


If a connection is made and the startup does not have a mobile account, an email is sent to notify the founder “Hello Founders…”.


For your information:
-Startups can invite an investor by visiting the investor’s profile and clicking invite to connect button.
-If an investor is not interested in a startup profile the startup will not be able to invite them to chat.
-There is no chat feature for investor-investor communication yet 🙁 Don’t worry we have some great updates in the works. Stay tuned.

For Registered Startups:

You can access chatroom via the chat icon (replacement of messages) on the top right-hand side beside the dashboard link or via this link: Chat rooms are created only if investors have shown interest in your startup and accepted to connect with the founders. Once connected, you can chat with investors on mobile or web and latest chat messages will be reflected in both seamlessly. Alternatively, if you proactively wish to connect with investors, visit the investor’s profile and send an “Invite to connect” request.

Note: You can still access your old (inbox) messages by clicking on the link provided in the chat icon tooltip or via this link:

Hope you found this useful. You can email if you have any questions.

Happy Fundraising!

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