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Angel Round Successful for Zepo

Bangalore, Feb 5, 2016 – Zepo, an e-commerce solution for business owners to go online, raise an Undisclosed Angel Round from Shivam Shah of Augment Ventures and others on LetsVenture.

“I have followed Zepo over the last 3 years & have been watching their evolution. Zepo has the potential of being the dominant company in this space, already ahead of significantly well-funded companies by certain metrics. I place a great amount of my confidence with Nitin and the core team at Zepo, who have taken a sustainable, Saas based approach to the Indian e-commerce Industry.” said Shivam Shah, Partner at Augment Ventures and Lead investor in this round.

“I had first invested in Zepo in late 2014 when they were only offering the Online Store technology. The business has evolved well & now offers all tools needed by an SMB to grow its online business. I remain bullish on Nitin & team’s ability to drive growth by helping SMBs leverage e-commerce to grow their respective businesses.” said Anupam Mittal, Founder & CEO at People Group and investor in the round.

About Zepo

Zepo is an e-commerce platform for business owners to go online. It helps 1500+ businesses sell their products online & deliver their products anywhere

About LetsVenture

Founded in 2013, LetsVenture enables startups and investors to discover and connect with each other. There are 12000+ startups and 2200+ investors on the platform. LetsVenture works with startups and investors on discovery, syndication and closure. This involves managing due diligence and paperwork closure. LetsVenture has enabled more than 100 startups to raise over $40mn.

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