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5 years of LetsVenture: 5 Core Values

LetsVenture – Core Values

5 years seem long – in this fast-paced, short memory times where it is hard to stay persistent. But entrepreneurship is about the marathon we choose to run at LetsVenture and we’re glad we reached the 5-year mark today. Looking back, we wanted to share something not spoken about earlier publicly.

When we founded LetsVenture, the vision was to build something meaningful. Building customer value will always be the prime objective, as, without a market or a customer willing to subscribe to the service, any organization building would be futile. Today the one thing we are proud of is the team we have built around LetsVenture. Our business always remains high pressure – super high pressure to say the least.

The process of fundraising is complex – especially in an ecosystem where there is less or no standardization, more fragmentation, less collaboration and need for navigating relationships with care. This requires the team to stay patient in the face of complex conversations, and manage the process with higher awareness and empathy.  We want to dedicate the 5 years at LetsVenture to our Team. #LVTeam. Our team helps us learn, be more empathetic, and makes us realize that we don’t have all the answers every day. Inspired and grateful for having LetsVenture to come to every day!

As a process of organization building, sharing the 5 core values we have believed in and followed in every action we have taken.

Our Core Values

  1. As founders, our interests come last. First come our customers – Founders and Investors (in that order), the LV team, the LV investors, and then us. Building shareholder value while creating value for our customers remains the highest priority, every day, in all decisions we take.
  2. Respect is fundamental to all relationships.  You can never ever take away respect from anyone – however big the screwup, however big the loss or however big the error.  That is non-negotiable. We emphasize this at LV – we can have loud arguments, disagreements, and debates but never at the cost of taking away #Respect from each other. Be kind than be right every time.
  3. There can be no fear of making mistakes. As founders, we have taken risks and experimented with ideas. My team does the same. There is never a right answer and we will never know the right answer if we don’t try. At LetsVenture, we have created many firsts for the Indian ecosystem – in small ways and that has come from our being fearless. This does not mean we don’t deliberate and discuss and plan. If you are a founder, you will know that every day is a new day – and being fearless is the best gift you can give yourself and the team.
  4. There is no I’s – only We’s. Transparency, being empathetic towards one another and being Human are behaviors that help build this ethos. We have believed in building Brand LetsVenture above all of us where there is shared everything – victory, loss or learning. We spend most part of our life at work. The best gift we can give ourselves is a happy, supportive workspace that nurtures and enables each one of us. This is the hardest value to create over time. Once set, it can be the best rolling stone which gathers more momentum as time goes by.
  5. We have to excel in everything we do. There is no space for mediocrity. There can be no substitute for hard work and smart work. A small team that does more than what they are ‘assigned to the job’ needs to believe in 6 sigma quality in every deliverable – whether it be internal or external.  Being a learning organization, always nimble to feedback, with a relentless pursuit of goals, without being tired of the many iterations before a deliverable is committed, lies at the core of excellence.

We follow the culture of “No Thankyou and No Sorry” at LetsVenture. Just a collective effort towards building a business that creates value and a workspace that is fun, nurturing and empowering. We look forward to the next 5 with renewed vigor and excitement!

A big thanks to all of you for being part of our journey!

Warm Regards.

Sanjay and Shanti

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