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Here’s Why You Should Apply To LetsIgnite 2018

At LetsVenture we believe in listening – to the market signals, to our investors and the founders we work with. For us, LetsIgnite has never been an event, or a conference – It has been our way of setting a forward looking agenda for the ecosystem and for ourselves for the coming year. It is our way of strengthening our relationship with our investor and founder community – it is a platform for us to make our voice heard, and of course hear what the market has to say. The event is also an early peek into our vision and road map for the year. The platform presents a unique opportunity for startups to not only fuel their entrepreneurial journeys with efficient, painless and streamlined funding, but also build a community of potential investors, customers, business partners and fellow entrepreneurs around them, who can support them through their evolution.

Shanti Mohan CEO, LetsVenture

Angel investing landscape has seen a lot of changes lately. Today, apart from traditional angels and accelerators, we have HNIs (High net worth individuals) and successful entrepreneurs joining the startup bandwagon. Although it’s a known fact that Angel money plays a crucial role in the early growth of a startup, most of the times, entrepreneurs don’t get a chance to network with relevant angel investors. LetsIgnite hence, is a unique opportunity for both early and growth-stage startups to raise funds, connect with Institutional Funds and VCs, find lead investors, partner with corporates and increase their brand visibility in the ecosystem. As an entrepreneur, you prize face time with investors. In the fourth edition of LetsIgnite, 250+ Angels, 50+ Institutional Funds will join you from multiple geographies to interact and fund your business. Curated participation. Meaningful interactions. Imagine that!

Last year 90% of the finalists successfully raised funding with LetsVenture within 3 months.

Here’s how we help you raise funds with confidence, using the extensive LetsVenture network and our domain expertise. Mentioned below are the major pain points you never face once you make it to the finals.

And that’s not all folks!

Since it’s your golden ticket to India’s Biggest Angel Conference. There’s more in store for you!  

LetsIgnite is also the biggest branding opportunity for your startup. Getting in front of media will create opportunities for you to reach out to more customers around the world. It can’t get bigger than this! Additionally, you get to:

  • Pitch with Lead Investor in front of a curated set of 250+ Angel Investors & 50+ Institutional funds – When an Angel pitches with you, it adds immense credibility into your funding round
  • Speed-dating – Get a chance to have a one-on-one interaction with relevant marquee lead investors & partners/principals of early-stage institutional funds
  • Validate your startup – See if your startup passes the curation test of 300+ Angels

Here’s what founders have to say about LetsIgnite:

          Who should apply?

  • Startups beyond the prototype stage, looking to raise $100K to $1.5M
  • Innovative startups who would require funds in the near future
  • Startups looking for mentors and advisors

If you are still reading, you probably understand that this is NOT just any other conference. Here’s how LetsIgnite has grown over the past few years.

  We believe 2018 will prove to be yet another exciting year for LetsVenture, where we continue to work towards creating a transparent, engaging ecosystem for startup and angel investing. Launch your startup at LetsIgnite 2018. See you there!

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