Highlights of LetsIgnite Bangalore 2018!

All the sessions from LetsIgnite Bangalore are now available on our YouTube channel!

This edition of LetsIgnite Bangalore concluded last weekend on 7 July. To start with, here are the key highlights from the event:

170+ Investors and Institutions attended LetsIgnite Bangalore.
17 Startups from sectors like Robotics, Space Technology, Nanotech, Healthcare, Vernacular and others – pitched at the event.
10+ Media Partners, Live coverage on CNBC, Times of India, Economic Times, and other online media like YourStory, Inc42 and others.

Welcome Note
By Shanti Mohan, CEO and Co-Founder, LetsVenture

LetsIgnite Bangalore started with a welcome note by the Co-Founder and CEO of LetsVenture, Ms. Shanti Mohan. She set the tone for the day long conference. Also, she highlighted the key achievements of LetsVenture over the last 5 years. Shanti also said that the next 5 years will redefine the startup ecosystem in India. This is because startups as an asset class have finally arrived.

Keynote by Shanti Mohan, Co-Founder, LetsVenture
Keynote by Shanti Mohan, Co-Founder, LetsVenture

LetsVenture has enabled 162 funding rounds with a total of $65 Mn being raised. To access the complete Keynote and know more about LetsVenture, Watch this video!

Angel Investing Masterclass
By Dev Khare, Partner at Lightspeed, and Anand Lunia, Partner at IndiaQuotient

Angel Investing Masterclass has been our signature session since the inception of LetsIgnite. Investors who are new to the ecosystem find this session of utmost value. They get to learn the science behind Angel Investing from some masters of the industry. This time, we invited Dev Khare and Anand Lunia to lead this masterclass.  They held the stage for 75 minutes.

Dev and Anand structured the masterclass in the form of 10 key topics – Portfolio Construction, Founding team, Market, Model, Deal Negotiation, Co-Investors, Staying in Sync with Founders, Exit Negotiation, Crucial Relationships for Angel Investors, and Currently Active Themes.

Angel investing Masterclass by Dev Khare and Anand Lunia
Angel investing Masterclass by Dev Khare and Anand Lunia

Dev and Anand took an highly engaging masterclass. They shared that an investor needs to do a lot of stuff hands-on and come out of their comfort zone. It is important to talk to other angels and discuss valuations when discussing deal negotiations.

We have uploaded the complete Angel Investing Masterclass on our LetsIgnite Playlist here!

New Age of Hardware Startups
By K Srinivasan, Swapna Gupta and Vishesh Rajaram

From the 18 Hardware Unicorns that we can count today, ⅔ are from China. India has finally ventured with some of the notable startups in IoT, Clean Energy, Robotics and other domains.

Our panelists were K Srinivasan from Allgovision, Swapna Gupta from Qualcomm and Vishesh Rajaram from Speciale Invest. They discussed what can make hardware thrive in India. What are some of the key challenges that need to be addressed?

New Age of Hardware - LetsIgnite Bangaore
New Age of Hardware

Among other important issues, they also talk about exits in Hardware startups. We discussed that it has to be a mass market consumer thing before you can get an exit from a B2C hardware company.  B2B is opportunistic and exits for B2B Hardware companies largely depend on when someone sees value in it. Watch the whole discussion here.

The Rise of Vernacular and Video
By Amit Gupta, Retesh Gondal and Shailesh Lakhani

India has 1600 dialects, 30 languages, Constitution recognizes 22 languages with a million+ users for each language. 54 crore people by 2021 will account for 75% of India’s Internet population. 9 out of 10 new internet users until 2024 will be an Indian language user. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are driving the demand for vernacular content.

Amit Gupta and Retesh Gondal from Asianet news participate in this presentation along with Shailesh Lakhani from Sequoia Capital.

Rise of Vernacular - LetsIgnite Bangalore
Rise of Vernacular

Shailesh discusses that Content distribution vertical among content creation, technology and distribution draws more money. In the ecosystem today Amazon Prime, Netflix and Star are driving this. The complete discussion is now available here!

Fireside Chat – LetsIgnite
By Binny Bansal and Subrata Mitra

We invited Binny Bansal, Group CEO of Flipkart and Subrata Mitra, the man who wrote the 1st Million $ cheque in Flipkart. Binny discussed how Sachin and he built Flipkart from a Comparison Engine company to an e-commerce giant that.

Binny Bansal and Subrata Mitra - LetsIgnite Bangalore
Binny Bansal and Subrata Mitra

In this most awaited conversation of the day, Binny shared his thoughts on setting the right culture for your company. A culture that would enable employees to be decision makers. He also discussed Flipkart’s acquisition strategy and how they looked at the market, the thought process behind acquiring Myntra.

Watch the whole conversation here!


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