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The "Bhailog" of IndiaQuotient have been doing so well that Anand believes, it demands a little bit of swag. Watch this video to understand more about IndiaQuotient and what they're betting on!

Episode 4 of LetsIgnite unfolds.

IndiaQuotient has been investing in companies that not too many seem to like initially. They have taken early bets and today their “star cast” includes companies like ShareChat, Lendingkart and Roposo.

In fact, some time ago Anand tweeted that 3 in the top 6 social media apps on play store in India today are from IndiaQuotient’s portfolio.

Anand is a founding Partner at India Quotient. He has been an entrepreneur, angel investor, fund manager. Earlier, he was a partner at Seedfund, known for its exits in Carwale and Redbus. He co-founded Brainvisa, an ed-tech company which he sold in 2005.

His twitter handle says “Entrepreneur is the king. Not the VC”.

We recently found him surrounded by investors at LetsIgnite Bangalore, and didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him about his thesis, choices and what next? Watch the whole discussion here:

Anand shares that at IndiaQuotient, they are never looking for real businesses. They are actually looking for businesses that can bring a real change – whether in a habit, lifestyle, or choices. With that approach, they look for a larger audience.

He also believes that as an Angel Investor, you have the luxury of betting big and losing small, by following the portfolio approach. Anything lesser than 20 portfolio is not a portfolio, but seldom luck.

As Anand says, give them 20 years and all 6 of the top apps will be by IndiaQuotient’s “bhailog“.

This conversation took place at LetsIgnite Angel Summit organized by LetsVenture in Bangalore on 7th July. Anand Lunia was a speaker at the conference and hosted a masterclass on Angel Investing along with Dev Khare. 

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