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Startup Ecosystem in Silicon Valley vs India

LVPodcast – Startup Ecosystem in Silicon Valley vs India

This month, we look at the comparison between the startup ecosystem in India and Silicon Valley.

On her visit to Bay Area and during the YC Demo Day, our co-founder, Shanti Mohan got an opportunity to meet founders doing revolutionary things with technology. Comparing the ecosystem there, we invited Mr. Sanjay Singh, COO of Unbxd and Mr. Nishkam Mehta, Head of Strategy and Mobile growth at Hulu to share their experience with investing in startups from India and Silicon Valley.

Shanti finds a contrast between both the ecosystems. She believes that building a start-up in India requires different thinking and a deeper understanding of India. This is because India is divided by language, spending capacity and completely diverse in our thinking. One can never claim one market size for products building for India. A lot more complex than merely mapping TAM based on numbers.

Shanti drives this discussion deeper. The learnings that Indian Founders can take from Silicon Valley founders. And, how Indian ecosystem can become more mature in helping the startups to grow.

Listen to the complete podcast here:

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