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LetsAccelerate | HPE Digital Catalyst Program for deep tech startups

Shanti Mohan, Co-founder & CEO of LetsVenture

LetsAccelerate was launched in November 2019 to build a playbook-led infrastructure for incubators/accelerators and corporate innovation programs. It provides its partners with the best tools and practices that lead to efficiencies and in turn create better outcomes for startups.

At LetsVenture, our focus has always been to add value to the journey of startups not just with capital but by opening up meaningful networks. Over the last seven years, we have observed the journeys of 100s of startups closely. While it has become relatively easier for founders to close their funding, for first-time entrepreneurs the real challenge remains networking and building the business. For B2B startups servicing large enterprise customers, navigating the corporate world is a genuine challenge – not only do large enterprises want to see the most cutting edge innovation but they also want to see depth and maturity in the way teams manage processes and engagement cycles. 

On the other hand, corporations need an easy way to discover, connect, and collaborate with startups. This is where LetsAccelerate plays a key role in bridging the gaps in expectations and working with both startups and large corporations to ensure the common ground is met and exemplified – we aspire to become the marketplace that makes this process easy, transparent and efficient – for both corporates and startups. 

Last week, we formally announced the launch of the HPE Digital Catalyst Program where LetsAccelerate and the HPE India team are working closely to identify and support the next generation of digital disruptors in the Indian startup ecosystem.

As part of this program, HPE and LetsAccelerate will work with a selected cohort of 8 enterprise-focused, growth-stage startups working in artificial intelligence (AI), DevSecOps, cybersecurity, and intelligent edge. The Program has three tracks:

  1. Technology – to explore technology partnerships with HPE through licensing agreements
  2. Go-to-market (GTM) – to explore joint solutions and GTM models to address the digitization challenges of HPE’s enterprise customers
  3. Investment – to explore equity investments in longer-horizon technology startups through HPE’s Pathfinder program

Start-ups participating in the program will receive support from HPE, including technology mentoring by HPE’s technologists, market validation and mentoring with HPE’s sales leaders, rapid prototyping support to build joint solutions, and solution-showcasing opportunities.

I’d also like to welcome Shailesh Raturi who recently joined the LetsVenture team to lead Corporate Innovation Partnerships at LetsAccelerate. After 22 years in the corporate world driving Product R&D for HPE and Intel, Shailesh has decided to venture into the startup ecosystem – his empathy and know-how will indeed be a big boost to the acceleration and incubation ecosystem as a whole! 

Shailesh says, “The corporate world today needs a startup ecosystem more than ever, to drive product and business innovations. This would need the corporates to think beyond in-house & incremental product innovation and leverage the startup ecosystem to drive transformational innovations in technology and business solutions. I am super excited to lead this new venture at LetsVenture. Looking forward to working closely with HPE and helping them drive the HPE Digital Catalyst Program to success.”

So, what are you waiting for?
If you are a startup focused on the space of artificial intelligence (AI), DevSecOps, cybersecurity, or intelligent edge, you can leverage this programme & get backed by HPE.  

Apply now: HPE Digital Catalyst Programme 

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