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Lead angels must ‘lead’ from the front!

says Mohit Satyanand, Co-founder of TeamWork Arts

An author, actor, entrepreneur, consultant, policy wonk, trekker and investor, Mohit Satyanand is the personification of a true all-rounder. After completing his MA from Delhi School of Economics, Mohit started his career as a salesperson for Hindustan Unilever in eastern UP. Baptism by fire! Four years later, Mohit joined Delhi Flour Mills and established Crax – India’s first successful food snack brand. 

In 1989, Mohit co-founded Teamwork Arts. Today, Teamwork Arts produces and organizes many prestigious art festivals including the Jaipur Literary Festival and other annual festivals in Singapore, South Africa, Europe and the United States. Mohit is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Liberty Institute and a former Consulting Editor of Outlook Money.  

An angel-turned-lead investor coming from a non-tech background, Mohit prefers investing in startups that are building customer-facing brands, especially those in the education, healthcare and F&B space. Before writing a cheque, Mohit looks for the tenacity and mental agility in founders. His investment portfolio includes 30+ startups including MyUpChar, Kickstart Jobs and iDreamCareer. 

Mohit believes that the role of a lead investor extends beyond just being a board member. “Lead angels should be prepared to act as mentors, agony aunts and even divorce coaches,” says Mohit. Additionally and crucially,  lead angels must play the role of the facilitator between the founder and all the other investors. 

In this video, Mohit sheds light on his journey as an angel investor, his experiences and the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

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