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“Keep writing cheques. Be resilient!”

says Rajesh Sawhney, one of India's highly sought-out angel investors

Rajesh Sawhney is a name that needs no introduction in the startup ecosystem. An alumnus of the Harvard Business School and a fellow of the London School of Economics, he has been a celebrated serial entrepreneur and prolific business builder for over two decades. 

Rajesh is the founder of GSF Accelerator, India’s largest multi-city tech-startup accelerator. GSF provides India’s most promising tech startups with mentorship, initial funding and global exposure. Via GSF, Rajesh has funded more than 50 tech startups so far, including DocsApp, Zapr, Little Eye Labs (Acquired by Facebook), HackerEarth, whatfix, and Oro Wealth, amongst others. 

Till date, Rajesh has invested in around 77 startups, some as lead and others as an angel invetsor. Recently, he founded InnerChef, India’s fastest growing food tech platform and largest cloud kitchen. Since then, he hasn’t led any investment rounds. He admits that one of his early mistakes as an angel investor has been to “not follow one system of thinking long enough.” Rajesh also believes that the activity in the angel investing space has picked up to an extent that there is no luxury to “wait and watch” a company before making a decision. Rajesh says, “The best companies get picked at the speed of light.”

Watch this video for more from Rajesh on what he’s got right and wrong about as an angel investor in the past decade.

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