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Impact Of Impact Investments | Unitus Seed Fund & Madan Padaki

The best Impact Investments look like regular investments.

Impact Investments

Rarely does one get an opportunity to ask questions to an Impact Investor. When proposed, Mr. Madan Padaki jumped onto the opportunity and joined us in this discussion with Mr. Srikrishna Ramamoorthy from Unitus Seed Fund.

Madan is the founder and CEO of a company called One Bridge, an enterprise that is creating jobs in rural India by converting youth as entrepreneurs and helping them deliver a variety of services to local consumers. Sri, on the other hand, represents India’s leading Impact seed fund and is looking to invest in up to 25 new companies in the sector over the next few years.

Speaking of the companies like HippoCampus and DriveU, which USF has invested in, Sri explains about the impact that they want to make in the country through their investments.


We talk about what an entrepreneur needs to be considered by Unitus Seed Fund for an impact startup investment.

  1. The why and what you’re doing is critical. Your heart should be in the right place. And, you should explicitly say that this is the impact I want to create.
  2. The consumer segment that you serve has to be the base of the pyramid segment. Largely, even if you start from the top, you should have the intent to say that this is how I will broad base my service.
  3. You must have a business model to support the first two points.

We also talk about Sri’s most spectacular failures and learnings from them.

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