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Idea to IPO – I did it my way!

Dinesh Agarwal, Founder of IndiaMART

Dinesh Agarwal is a leading internet entrepreneur and evangelist for SMEs in India. One of the first generation Indian computer science engineers to have worked in the US, Dinesh worked as a Senior Systems Analyst with HCL. In the early 1990s, he also joined forces with Sam Pitroda & his team to develop an indigenous digital telephone exchange for India. 

After the internet took US markets by storm, Dinesh was determined to leverage the internet for revolutionising Indian markets. He quit his job in the US in 1995, moved back to India and started building IndiaMART – an online B2B listing platform for SMBs that connects buyers with sellers. These were the heady days of the ‘dot com boom’ and the team actually thought they would list an IPO in a few years. That was of course, not to be!

Today, IndiaMART does about 4 crore buyer-seller match-makings with less than 2,000 complaints every month. And, 23 years on IndiaMART listed on the stock exchanges in June 2019. 

As an angel investor, Dinesh has made several investments across verticals like food-tech startup InnerChef, medical app Curofy, crowd-funding platform Wishberry, marketing platform SilverPush, and developer startup AppVirality amongst others. 

In this video, Dinesh sheds light on the journey of IndiaMART from ideation to IPO. He also talks about his understanding of the lifecycle of startups that operate in the complex Indian marketplace!       

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