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Hiring and Firing for Startups | Mekin Maheshwari (Flipkart)

Hiring and Firing for Startups

Startups have seen founders go through a point where (s)he has to hire team players, a team who will be taking the company’s core values forward as they grow. And almost every founder struggles with hiring the right ones.

For the fourth episode of #LVPodcast, we invited Mr. Mekin Maheshwari to talk about his lessons and challenges while he was scaling Flipkart to what it is today. Mekin likes to introduce himself as the guy who hired 33000 people for Flipkart at the age of 33. He is currently the founder of Udhyam where he is building an amazing team that focuses on grassroots entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit.

Shanti Mohan, Founder of LetsVenture, participates in this discussion and shares her experience of building LV Team.

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