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Episode 4: Choose The Right Problems To Solve

Sharad Sharma of iSPIRT Foundation was a speaker and a panelist at the recently concluded LetsIgnite 2017. In this episode of #LVSoundbites, he shares his thoughts on how to go about building the right startup that addresses the right problems.

  • How connecting with the problem can help build something new for India 2
  • How to evaluate the right problem and build something to address it
  • His opinion on Angel investors’ role and attitude in India 2 startups
  • Things that the government should focus on when addressing India 2 startups
  • How governments need to set the stage for startups to build and evolve
  • A chance for governments to become marketplaces for startups
  • Why he thinks the latent market of credit is HOT, and why startups and investors need to invest energy and resources in it
  • Problems that startups should start addressing
  • How entrepreneurs and investors can be likened to matchmaking – a thoughtful one at that
  • Importance of curation of startups as well as investors done by a digital fundraising platform like LetsVenture
  • How a digital fundraising platform can plug the gaps in the ecosystem
  • Why India 2 was important this year at LetsIgnite 2017

Sharad Sharma of iSPIRT Foundation needs no introduction. He has pretty much become a household name in the startup-investment ecosystem. Over the years, he has held many a high-profile executive position in companies like Lucent Technologies, Symantec, BharatMatrimony, Yahoo!, Canaan Partners, and NASSCOM, to name a few. Currently, he is manning the iSPIRT Foundation, while also being one of the active technology angel investors in India, with about two dozen investments to date. Some of these include Amigobulls Inc, Koove, IntensAquatica, Team Indus, Tax Spanner, Stayzilla, Consure Medical, and HashCube.

iSPIRT Foundation is a think tank that wants to transform India into a hub for new generation software products, by addressing government policy, creating market catalysts, and helping grow mature product entrepreneurs.

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