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Episode 2: A Startup Has To Become Sustainable On Its Own

In this episode, TV Mohandas Pai gave his insights into certain key issues like:

  • Why startups should list on the Indian Stock Market rather than going abroad
  • How SEBI has made it so easy for startups to list on the Indian Stock Market
  • How listing in India helps build a brand here in India, as opposed to just raising capital after listing in NASDAQ
  • The HOTTEST verticals to invest in 2017 as an investor
  • The three different kinds of startups that Mohandas Pai sees in the ecosystem
  • His learnings from having invested in more than 180+ companies so far
  • How the inputs of the investor is important for a startup to grow and evolve
  • The timeline for a startup to become sustainable
  • What is important – grow the business or raise capital?
  • How to make a startup sustainable – in 5 important steps
  • How best to raise capital to make a startup sustainable
  • How important is a digital fundraising platform like LetsVenture in the early stage startup ecosystem

TV Mohandas Pai is a Padma Shri Awardee, who isn’t a stranger in the technology domain. He has served as the CFO and Board Member at Infosys previously. Apart from this position, he has also headed various arms of Infosys from 1994 to 2011. Currently, he works actively with government and regulators on many policy guidelines and recommendations. Having served as the Chairman of the Board of SEBI, he is currently a Board Member of the National Stock Exchange in India.

In his current avatar, Mohandas Pai has emerged as one of the country’s most prolific angel investors and has helped start more than 10 different funds in growth, public markets, and venture. Mohandas Pai, along with Manipal group CEO, Ranjan Pai, leads a private equity fund called Aarin Capital that mainly invests in education and life sciences companies. Some of the most notable investments of his include ZoomCar, YourStory, Licious, Counsyl, and BYJU’s.

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