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Episode 13: The Right approach to ‘Scale’

In this episode of LV Soundbites we sat down with Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka. Manav has played both roles as founder of a startup and “funder” of startups. With this combination of experiences from both sides of the coin Manav shared insights on:

  • Being an entrepreneur turned investor

  • What should founders building a tech company look at?

  • How should Indian entrepreneurs approach scale?

  • 3 things to keep in mind when you are a first investor in a startup and why this is important for entrepreneurs to know.

Manav Garg is the CEO and Founder of Eka. Besides overall responsibility for managing the company, Manav provides leadership and overall direction in such strategic areas as product direction, growth strategy, and talent acquisition. As a former commodities trader with a large global commodity trading house, Manav witnessed first-hand the deficiencies in traditional trading and risk management software. Realizing the market opportunity, and combining this with his passion for technology, Manav founded Eka in 2004 with venture capital funding.

Since then, he keeps Eka focused on meeting the needs of the company’s global customers. He constantly strives to achieve ever higher levels of organizational excellence and customer satisfaction by encouraging responsibility and accountability at all levels.

Manav graduated as an engineer from Regional Engineering College (REC) in Jalandhar, and followed this with an MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) in Delhi. In 2014, he was named to Fortune Magazine’s “40 Under 40” compilation of executives in India.

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