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Cracking the Y-Combinator Interview

Co-founded by Jason Gray in 2016-17, Pioneer Fund is a Silicon Valley based venture capital fund that pools capital, expertise & support from 188+ Y-Combinator alumni to invest in Y-Combinator startups, irrespective of verticals or geographies. The Fund has created a proprietary platform that enables YC alumni to collaborate with founders and identify top 10% companies from each YC batch. Till date, Pioneer Fund has invested in over 60 startups including Eclipse, Grin Scooters, Lambda, Prenda and Torch, amongst others.

When asked about the secret to cracking a YC interview, Jason mentioned that founders should build their applications themselves but not over-polish it or become ‘robotic’ in their presentation. 

In this video, Tim Suzman & Jason talk about what it takes to crack any YC interview. 

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