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23Feb / 2017

"..Invest in very early stage startups with high growth and scale potential.." - Q&A with Vinod Jose

In this LV Q&A post, we sat down with Vinod Jose, Partner at Konglo Ventures LLP, a seed funding firm with its registered office in Cochin, India and with partner offices in Dubai and New York.  The firm has been active since 2013 with 7 completed investments and 1 successful exit.

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14Feb / 2017

LetsVenture expands to Delhi.

Our focus has always been to go wherever the startups and investors are - and the tags of a tier-1 or tier-2 city just did not matter to us. In fact, we have actively engaged with cities such as Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kochi and Pune to ensure that we are always working to discover good quality startups and investors. Now, after over three years, LetsVenture has expanded to Delhi-NCR and we are looking to actively tap into the entrepreneurial activity in the region.

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03Feb / 2017

The India Scorecard (infographics)

We visited Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Mumbai and Pune. We met 260+ investors and learned a lot about Indian Angel Ecosystem. To share some of our learnings we put together a data report from a survey we passed to investors in each city we visited

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30Jan / 2017

In Situ or Nah?

How important is location for a startup? In this post, we try to answer that. With a specific focus on the Indian startup ecosystem, we’ve laid out how locational factors play out for fundraising startups. Like the other posts in the Q2 series, we’ve used a sample size of 600+ startups who applied for investor connect and companies who got funded during Q2 (about 90)

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23Jan / 2017

Does Your Startup Team Make The Cut?

Do you have the right team to execute your idea?

#TEAM : A top priority for any investor, and goes without saying every founder too. LetsVenture has 2200+ investors on our platform. We chatted with a bunch of them to get a concrete answer and the discussion boiled down to 3 key things

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