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Konark Singhal

Konark Singhal

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Konark is the CEO and Founder of MockBank, an online test-prep platform. Formerly, he was a management consultant who worked at Bain, one of the world’s best known and most respected management consulting firm. Having analyzed and worked in myriad sectors and business stages in India, Konark has formed strong views on what works and what does not. Also, having played a key role in the success and Series D funding of MapmyIndia, he has a keen sense of how to balance the short term requirements and long term imperatives, and how to approach fund-raising. Konark has been a long time mentor for students and has interacted extensively with the students in the bank prep segment (some of whom are in his family) and has a keen understanding of the student psyche, their motivations and their needs. One of our most successful service element, the phone mentorship with faculty, has come out of his customer insights.

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16Oct / 2015

How mockbank raised $400K in funding: Fundraising, optimizing resources available and having a grand vision

Looking back at when I was planning on appearing for JEE/PMT, I felt the lack of test preparation options in my city, really compromised on my own preparation. “This is something that stayed with me, and when I wanted to get into the startup world, this problem was one, that I constantly wanted to and kept trying to solve.”

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