21Nov / 2016

Addressing the Pain Points. Ouch. And, 2 New App Features.

We switched up a few things on the app this month. In our pursuit for a seamless, light and hassle-free experience, we reflected on two user experience pain points; Founder-Investor interaction and App Accessibility.


Here is what we added:

EXPRESS CONNECT : Connect instantly with founders as soon as you like their startup.

After you like a startup, we’ve designed a simple pop-up that will allow you to initiate conversation with a founder. If you click “yes”, you’ll be directed to a live chat with the founder. You also have the option to to choose “Later” and talk to the founder at a different time.

Express connect.jpg

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Your side: Too many passwords to remember can be tricky.
Our side: App access needs to be forever-easy, even if you’ve forgotten your login details.
Solution: OTP. If you forgot your password, don’t sweat it; we added a 4 digit OTP to help you login to the app.

Simply choose the “Sign in with OTP” option, we’ll send over a 4 digit number to your phone that you can use to log in. No emails, no links, no notifications!

OTP png.jpg

Others Updates

  • Deeper Profile for investors: We added more segments to Investor profiles: Investors thesis, sectors of interest, sectors of expertise, knowledge areas, Angel Networks, Investor Pitch and “Open to mentoring?”

  • Better visibility for Startups: We added social icons to startup profiles so investors can view your website, facebook profile, Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

Stay tuned for more updates on the LetsVenture Mobile App.

Do give the app a spin and and let us know what you think! Email me at kiran.kulkarni@letsventure.com

Download the app for Android and iOS