24Oct / 2016

A smarter place for early stage funding


We are excited to announce LetsVenture Mobile App 1.2.8 to our community today!

Over the last 1,781 hours*, we’ve done, undone, finessed and become one with the LetsVenture Mobile app. For you. Our goal is to develop a forum that truly enables easy and intelligent connection between investors and startups for early stage funding.

Our updated platform combines social, investing and connecting trends that allow you to automatically find, discover and connect with hand picked startups from LetsVenture’s curation team who use our LVRating system to bring you the best startups across India.

Now you can use the LV Mobile app to work when you’re on the move and manage your profile  effectively anywhere, anytime.

What's new in LV 1.2.8 ?

Track who is committing on a Featured Deal

  • LetsVenture now automatically tracks all the investors who have just committed to a Featured deal.

  • Investors can track all the details that made public like the investor's name, time and others in a separate tab called “Track” inside the startup detail page.

  • We also added get in touch with LV button for any queries regarding the funding details. Use it to connect with our Support chat room where our LV admins can respond as early to your queries.

Track Poster.jpg

Download the app for Android and iOS

Want to know more about  funding details ? Now connect directly with a founder

  • We added “Send a message” button that allows investors now to open a conversation directly with the founders of the Startup. LetsVenture believes in making the system transparent for easy flow of communication.

  • Now investors can leave a message to connect with founders as and when they want. Typically most startup founders are ready to share a great level of details that you may want to know. Use this feature to be informed deeper.

One tap Social profile view

  • At LetsVenture we constantly strive to make the content credible enough for you to take decisions easier, smarter and faster. We added LinkedIn URL, Startup Website, Twitter Links on Startup profile so that that you get to view the complete socially validated view of the startup and founders. Tap on Social icons to learn more about how the Startup is engaging its market.

On IOS, now you can view “Recommended details” by Investors on Startup Profile

  • Recommendations by Investors and Leads help you to understand the level of confidence and commitment of your engagement. We gather great amounts of recommendations by leads and other investors on our platform. Now, it is available for everyone to view.

What do you do when your Startup cards are over ?

  • Our design team looked into this problem of cards running out and we’ve decided to open up the space to share curated content with you based on your preferences. We’ve also made the “Fine Tune Preference” more visible and easier to navigate. Watch this space exploding with capabilities that give you power to engage more smartly.

For Startups : Now you can view how you look to Investors

  • We are piling up a series of great features for enabling startups present their idea more efficiently and engage with Investors they like. We added Startup profile view for Founders. Now you get to view your profile exactly as Investors view it. Use Web for editing your profile details and use Startup profile to view on mobile.

Hope to talk to you soon with new magic on LetsVenture Mobile App. Give the app a spin and and let us know what you think! Download the app for Android and iOS

email me kiran.kulkarni@letsventure.com if you have questions!