06Sep / 2016

LetsVenture continues to make funding intelligent and efficient for Investors and Startups. This includes enabling investors in Tier 2 cities where the entrepreneurial and funding ecosystem is nascent in comparison to metro cities like Bangalore and Delhi. Recently, we conducted an angel study* that highlighted that the startup activity in Tier 2 cities will soon catch up with the metros. With an objective to nurture the Angel communities in these cities, we are introducing the ‘Angels in residence’ program (AIR).


The AIR program involves Angel Investors coming onboard as in-house Angels, which would create Investor ownership towards specific geographies and in turn mobilize startup funding in these areas.

Little more specific

This includes attending and hosting networking sessions for local Investors and thus evangelizing LetsVenture across local ecosystems.

As an investor on the LetsVenture platform, you will notice increased activity in these cities along with networking sessions, angel meetups, workshops etc. The LetsVenture team will work closely with our AIR to source the best startups from these cities.

Our web platform and Mobile App has allowed us to open up the Startup funding world to India, and now, Startups get funded anywhere, anytime. With an increased awareness about the platform, together, we would be able to have an impact in increasing Startup funding in the country while working with some of the greatest minds in the funding space.

Stay tuned for updates, the AIR program is a new step in a promising direction and we’re excited at what this path has to offer!

*if you’d like to get a copy of the study email amogh.lux@letsventure.com