LetsVenture and OurCrowd join forces in India-Israel Partnership

LetsVenture, India’s largest marketplace for startup...

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Spotlight on Series A: LetsVenture expands operations

Spotlight on Series A: LetsVenture expands operations to...

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Episode 12: India 2 is a marketplace of fast adopters.

In this episode of #LVSoundbites we sat down with Chief...

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Episode 11: Leverage Your Influencer Power

In this Episode of #LVSoundbites we sat down with Shweta...

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Episode 10: The Founders ‘Ask’ says it all.

  For Episode 10, we reached out to Mohan Kumar,...

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Episode 9: Building India’s Digital and Entrepreneurial Future

The Indian government is a big stakeholder in the startup...

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We turn 4 today

May 31st 2013: The day when LetsVenture was registered with...

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The LetsVenture Fundraise Experience: Trell

Curious to know what kind of startups get funded on...

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Year in Review

Data in Consideration for this report Funded Companies: 416...

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Episode 8: When Angels and VCs Tango

In this Episode of #LVSoundbites, an entrepreneur turned VC...

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Monthly Pitch Session with LetsVenture

Hi there! As Sunitha explained in the video above, based on...

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Episode 7: The IoT Future You Should Consider

In this episode of #LVsoundbites, we sat down with Karthee...

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Episode 6: Early Stage Investments vs Series A. The VC perspective.

Recently, we caught up with Sandeep Singhal, the Managing...

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Episode 5: Is the Government enabling more Indian startups?

For Episode 5 we handed the mic to Gaurav Gupta, who is...

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LV Web Chat (update)

We are excited to announce the new LV Web Chat. As our...

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Q4 Funding Report

Apart from the more controversial news, *cough* it's been a...

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Fin-tech 101, 201 and 402

Fin-tech is one of the hottest sectors in the startup...

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The Angel Investing Masterclass

The Angle investing masterclass was one of the much-awaited...

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Episode 4: Choose The Right Problems To Solve

Sharad Sharma of iSPIRT Foundation was a speaker and a...

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Episode 3: Investment Thesis vs. Market Sentiment. Who Wins?

In this episode of #LVSoundbites, Vani Kola gives her...

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Episode 2: A Startup Has To Become Sustainable On Its Own

In this episode, TV Mohandas Pai gave his insights into...

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Episode 1: Are Indian Startups Finally Growing Up?

When was the last time you had a conversation with a VC, a...

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Letsignite Day 2 – March 17th 2017

LetsIgnite Day 2- March 17th 2017 Day 2 of LetsIgnite 2017...

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LetsIgnite Day 1 – March 16th 2017

The event kicked off with a welcome note delivered by...

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LetsVenture expands to Delhi.

Our focus has always been to go wherever the startups and...

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Copy of IA.png

The India Scorecard (infographics)

We visited Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur,...

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Copy of IA.png

In Situ or Nah?

How important is location for a startup? In this post, we...

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Copy of IA.png

Does Your Startup Team Make The Cut?

Do you have the right team to execute your idea? #TEAM : A...

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Copy of IA(1).png

When Should I raise funds?

In this post, we want to continue on ‘timing’ but from a...

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Copy of IA.png

Are you Sailing with the Angel Wave?

Take for instance, the #trending #PayTM. They couldn't have...

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Why The Indian Ecosystem is Burning Hot – Q&A with Jon Medved.

Jonathan Medved is a serial entrepreneur and according to...

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8 Steps to Complete your Fundraise on LetsVenture (Infographic)

The Fundraise De-mystified. We get a lot of questions about...

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Funding Ask & Valuation 101 for Founders

“How much do I need to dilute while raising an angel...

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5 Questions You need to ask yourself before you Kickstart your Fundraise.

Chances are that you’re either a founder or are working...

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Live with Avinash Vashistha & Aprameya Radhakrishna

We got valuable insights from Angel Investors with two...

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IA copy 2.png

What did LetsIgnite 2016 Finalists say?

LetsIgnite is a unique opportunity for both early and...

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Why You Should Apply to LetsIgnite

Find your Lead Investor through the competition, Get access...

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The Process: Curating Startups For #LetsIgnite2017

LetsIgnite is India’s biggest angel conference. This year...

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Shanti Mohan, founder of LetsVenture reflects on...

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Hyderabad Scorecard: Angel Investor Insights

In 2012, Hyderabad accounted for 3% of the city-wise share...

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A leaner and meaner search tool on LetsVenture

For the last 2.5 years, we crowdsourced sectors from...

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Addressing the Pain Points. Ouch. And, 2 New App Features.

We switched up a few things on the app this month. In our...

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LetsIgnite Roadshow: The Kanpur Report

(5 min read) Over the last two years, startup activity and...

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Meet LetsVenture Mobile App 1.2.8

(3 min read) We are excited to...

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LetsIgnite Roadshow #1 Mumbai.

(2 min read) A quick summary of the LetsIgnite Roadshow in...

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India’s Angels. Data Insights.

(5 min read) In this post, LV does the math to...

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India’s largest Angel Conference is back!

LetsIgnite, India's largest Angel Conference, is back. This...

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The Networked VC and Syndicate Investing

Research shows that a better-networked VC has better fund...

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LetsVenture announces the Angel-in-Residence Program

LetsVenture is working to enable investors in Tier 2 cities...

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we launched LetsVenture’s mobile app.png

Here’s why we launched LetsVenture’s mobile app

Based on 2 primary goals – to create ease of access to...

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LetsVenture Investor Feature – Apurva Salarpuria

This week we chatted with real estate group...

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LetsVenture Investor Feature – Vikram Chachra

An experienced investor, entrepreneur, advisor, avid...

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Angel Investing in India — Crystal ball gazing for new opportunities

As a follow up to my previous crystal-ball gazing...

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Facebook Post – LETSVENTURE S.png

Power Searching with LetsVenture’s Advanced Search

Meet LetsVenture’s smart new feature that allows you to...

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Facebook Post – THE TIPPING POINT.png

Tipping Point | Primer on Angel Investing

LetsIgnite - India’s largest and foremost angel conference...

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9 tips for investors.png

Top 9 tips to be a successful Angel investor

Two leading names in India’s angel investment and venture...

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LI for Gss.png

#LetsIgnite 2016: What’s in store for you as a growth stage startup?

The VC world is small and connected, whereas the Angel space...

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Hacking and Surviving my second year as an Angel Investor

Can’t deny that time does fly fast. Feels like it was just...

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Facebook Post – HERE S WHY.png

Here’s Why Pitching With An Angel Investor Increases Your Chances Of Fundraising

One of the most trusted approaches in start-up marketing is...

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Facebook Post – 10.png

5 Quotes from startups who raised funds at LetsIgnite 2015

LetsIgnite 2015 received 520+ applications from...

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Startup India: Modi takes Startups to the forefront – Action Plan unveiled

Parents of a young graduate from a premium Indian Institute,...

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Facebook Post – Re Igniting Redefining At LetsIgnite 2016.png

Re-Igniting & Redefining At LetsIgnite 2016: Here’s why you should be a part of it

April 2015, LetsVenture unveiled its flagship event...

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How to raise smart money through LetsVenture

An insight into features such as Stealth mode, Smart Money...

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Facebook Post – FinTech.png

LetsVenture Sector Based Roundtable: FinTech // December 2015

In our continued effort to add value to our investors and...

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Facebook Post – Apply Now .png

LetsIgnite 2016 – The Angel Conference is here! What is in it for you?

A room full of angel investors and VCs. An active Lead...

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Facebook Post – Find your investor.png

Finding an Investor for Your Startup

A start up thrives on only few things, a fantastic idea, a...

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Facebook Post – You've started pt.2.png

You’ve Started But Where To Go Now? (Part 2 Of 2)

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the first four steps...

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Facebook Post – You've started Pt.1.png

You’ve Started but Where to Go Now? (Part 1 of 2)

Steps to a Start Up Great empires are laid not on the back...

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Splitting to grow - Blog .png

Splitting To Grow: Distributing Founders’ Equity (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the crucial part...

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Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.06.57 PM.png

Why LetsVenture?

In 2013 when LetsVenture was founded, angel investors still...

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Splitting to Grow: Distributing Founders’ Equity (Part 1)

“A ship is safe in harbor but that’s not what ships are...

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Facebook Post – Chennai we re here for you .png

Chennai Startups, We’re here for you!

Amidst all the chaos and confusion, we understand that it is...

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Facebook Post – Investor reporting.png

Investor reporting: easiest and the most underused tool available to a startup

Past few weeks at LetsVenture have been a eye...

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First Mover Disadvantages

For ages, we all have been hearing success stories of first...

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Facebook Post LetsVenture – Canva.png

LetsVenture in collaboration with Sylvant Advisors launches The Edcubator

 Sylvant Advisors, in collaboration with LetsVenture,...

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Startup Events.png

How to promote your startup amongst your audience by organising events?

There are many cost effective channels which startups can...

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2 years since private beta launch – Key Highlights at LetsVenture

Sept 9th 2015 marks 2 years since LetsVenture launched the...

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Blog Ressy raises.png

How Ressy Closed $400K in Angel Investment on LetsVenture

Looking back about 5 - 6 years, E-commerce companies...

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Startup Mentorship.png

What I learned about mentorship in my two startups

I started my first company in 2013, but I had to shutdown...

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Facebook Post Non Tech Non issue – Canva.png

How Footprints raised $672K in Angel Funding via LetsVenture

The experience of Footprints Childcare, a non-tech startup...

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Reference Guide - Utsav.png

Reference guide for responses from Angel Investors

We have seen many articles dissing angel investors for...

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Pitch Deck Cover.png

Tyranny of sanitized startup pitches: Venkat Raju (Angel Investor)

After listening to a series of fundraising pitches in the...

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Newer Greens for Angels – Looking Towards Newer Pastures

As the dust and initial bit of hoopla settles on the...

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The deep dive into fundraising - Inkmonk.png

Inkmonk – The deep dive into fundraising – from learning hands on to raising $320k

Flashback to September 2014, Inkmonk had started out by...

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iTraveller Blog Thumbnail.png

iTraveller – Pursuing your startup dream: About the lessons not regrets

It isn’t uncommon to see people quit their corporate jobs...

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Vijay Talreja Pic.png

3 Tips to become an Angel Investor

Known as a business angel or an informal investor or an...

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NRI Canva.png

Investments in India by non – resident Indians – Policy Liberalisation

Under India’s FDI policy, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have...

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Utsav blog.png

Love and Learning from Angel Investing

Many who are joining the ever-increasing swarm of angel...

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Aurues logo.png

My Funding Story: Aureus Analytics

LetsVenture in conversation with Anurag Shah, Founder of...

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My Funding Story : AdPushup

LetsVenture in conversation with Ankit Oberoi, Co-Founder,...

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Vikram Chachra - Know Your Angel.png

#1 : Know Your Angel – Vikram Chachra

Know Your Angel series #1 brings you Vikram Chachra,...

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Startup Storms blog.png

Startup Mini Storms

“Storms make you wiser,” she stated and I nodded in...

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Valuation and Termsheet.png

Raising Seed/Angel Round: (Part 2) Valuations and Term Sheets for Startups

Continuing on our series of blog posts around raising...

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seed funding.png

Raising Seed/Angel round : (Part 1) A Primer

I plan to write a series of blog posts emphasizing on some...

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Here is what happened at LetsIgnite 2015: India’s Biggest Angel/Entrepreneur Summit

LetsIgnite on 22nd April, 2015 witnessed a fully packed...

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Banner blog.png

Tweet -o- Greet | LetsIgnite

22nd April 2015 was graduation day for LetsVenture! That’s...

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What you should know before you Pitch your company at a Global Level

SocialCops was a finalist at the Global Social...

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blog pic.png

Startup : Its all about the journey and not about the destination

Startup is kind of new Smoking. Its cool to be...

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LetsIgnite’15 – Startup Curation process

We received an overwhelming response from startups for...

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Postergully Blog.png

The PosterGully Story — How We’re Building a Killer Brand

It’s been a long time since I last wrote! We have been too...

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LetsIgnite Logo.png

LetsIgnite’15 – An initiative by LetsVenture (#LetsIgnite)

LetsVenture is organizing the first Angel Summit of India -...

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Jiffstore in Top 5 of 19th Wharton India Economic Forum

Indian startup ecosystem is truly shining with Indian...

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We focus on startups building businesses, not on just technology: Pankaj Jain, 500 Startups

True to the Bangalore’s image as the Silicon Valley of...

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Autowale – Powering reliable & efficient urban mobility

In 21st century Indian commuters have seen Radio-Cab...

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LetsIgnite Mixer – Delhi | Snapshots

We are speeding up for LetsIgnite - The Ultimate Angel...

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The Trackmemo journey

Wouldn't it be great if we had Google Now for Work? As...

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Mint Infog Blog.png

Rise of the new angel investor

Late 2012 was a time when entrepreneurship was continuing to...

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LH4 Blog 1.png

LetsHangout Ep 4 : Snapdeal’s Startup Connect

Join us for the 4th edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout...

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LetsHangout #3 : “Google & Startups” video

We had an engaging hangout with Sunil Rao, Country head...

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LetsHangout3 promotional.png

LetsHangout #3 : “How Google can help your Startup?”

Join us for the third edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout...

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LetsVenture 2014 Year In Review

As we welcome this new year with new avenues, have a look at...

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WIEF Startup Competition 2015 powered by LetsVenture

LetsVenture partners with Wharton on one of...

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LetsGiveBack as we Welcome 2015!

At LetsVenture, 2014 has been a journey of discovery,...

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IoT startup out of India? Yes!

Most of the people I meet in the startup world are inspired...

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LetsHangout #2: When a startup is ready for VC funds?

We are with our second edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout...

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Horntell – Running like an Ostrich

This is the story of how a tiny experiment evolved into a...

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LetsHangout #1 with Dave Richards, co-founder of Unitus Seed Fund

The first edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout series, a live...

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Profile Privacy.jpg

Startup Profile privacy on LetsVenture

At LetsVenture, we are very serious about security...

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Innovating for emerging markets

“Platforms are your friend,” observed Dave...

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Success Story: How AdPushup raised $632000 in investment

Recently, AdPushup successfully closed its angel...

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Anthah Prerana.jpg

Anthah:Prerana | Calling for Applications for 2014

“Platforms are your friend,” observed Dave...

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Web Summit.jpg

5 reasons why investors should attend Web Summit 2014

If you want to know why some of the world’s biggest...

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Understanding Startup Funding : Deal Flow and Legal Clauses

Get to know in depth about the Termsheets and Legal clauses...

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angel investing in india and US.jpg

Angel Investing in India vs US – Infographic

Angel Investing in India vs US

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1 year.png

LetsVenture completes 1 year today!

Looking Back at the First Year at...

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primer of valuations.jpg

Primer of Valuations for your Startup

Everything you need to know about your Startup...

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featured syndicates.png

Featured Syndicates – Get Featured – Get Funded Faster

LetsVenture enables syndication in a very easy way using the...

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Startup Funding Made Easy – Slides

Basic Concepts about Startup Funding : Ready for Funding? ...

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Angel Investing Made Easy – Slides

Basics of Angel Investing! Angel Investments Made...

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lead investor.jpg

Lead Investor on LetsVenture

Today, at LetsVenture,  we have more than...

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how to in USA.png

How to Incorporate your Startup in USA?

Anil Advani from Inventus Law talks about how to setup the...

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Suresh Shanmugham | Saama Capital

Mr. Suresh Shanmugham from Sama Capital talks about the 4...

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public profile.jpg

Public Profiles for your Startup [New Feature]

Our product team @ LetsVenture is always cooking...

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Myths of Angel Investing

June 2012: I met an entrepreneur friend, with a brilliant...

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angel investor tips.jpg

Angel Investor Tips

With the Indian startup eco-system really flowering, I am...

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power of syndicates.jpg

The Power of Syndicates

Raising an angel round for an entrepreneur is critical for...

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winning business plan.jpg

Winning a Business Plan

An active angel or seed stage investor would typically...

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what do angel investors look for.jpg

What do Angel Investors Look for?

The Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved over the...

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journey so far'.jpg

The Journey So Far

As we move into our private beta launch, we thought that our...

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about us.jpg

About Us

LetsVenture enables startups looking to raise seed /...

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How to get LinkedIn Profile URL for filling up LetsVenture form

How to get your own LinkedIn Profile URL? 1. Go to your own...

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