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Primer of Valuations for your Startup

Everything you need to know about your Startup Valuation.This session on Valuations is a part of LetsVenture's signature Angel Investing Made Easy - Workshop.


Startup Funding Made Easy - Slides

Basic Concepts about Startup Funding : Ready for Funding? from  Manish Singhal

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How to Incorporate your Startup in USA?

Anil Advani from Inventus Law talks about how to setup the correct Legal Structure right from DAY-1 foryour Startup.

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The Power of Syndicates

Raising an angel round for an entrepreneur is critical for survival and growth. The process is hard and time consuming. The first step is get one investor interested in backing your venture. Once you...

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Winning a Business Plan

An active angel or seed stage investor would typically receive tens of enquiries, from entrepreneurs looking to fundraise, on a daily basis. A well-crafted business plan document is a key weapon that...

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What do Angel Investors Look for?

The Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved over the last decade. It is exponentially increasing with a number of new ventures starting at a regular basis.