Horntell - Running like an Ostrich

This is the story of how a tiny experiment evolved into a product that is helping web and mobile businesses make more money out of their existing user base. An year ago, We were...


LetsHangout #1 with Dave Richards, co-founder of Unitus Seed Fund

The first edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout series, a live online chat in which we have virtual coffee with leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, and investors. This one's with Dave Richards,...


Innovating for emerging markets

“Platforms are your friend,” observed Dave Richards, co-founder and partner at Unitus Seed Fund. “They help you get to market more efficiently. They open up more disruptive...


Success Story: How AdPushup raised $632000 in investment

Recently, AdPushup successfully closed its angel investment round, raising $632000. Here are 5 key pointers that founders Ankit Oberoi and Atul Agarwal attribute to their...


Understanding Startup Funding : Deal Flow and Legal Clauses

Get to know in depth about the Termsheets and Legal clauses involved in Startup Funding. An all-in-one guide for all your queries regarding share-holder agreement, due-diligence, board Composition,...

primer of valuations.jpg

Primer of Valuations for your Startup

Everything you need to know about your Startup Valuation.This session on Valuations is a part of LetsVenture's signature Angel Investing Made Easy - Workshop.


Startup Funding Made Easy - Slides

Basic Concepts about Startup Funding : Ready for Funding? from  Manish Singhal

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How to Incorporate your Startup in USA?

Anil Advani from Inventus Law talks about how to setup the correct Legal Structure right from DAY-1 foryour Startup.

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The Power of Syndicates

Raising an angel round for an entrepreneur is critical for survival and growth. The process is hard and time consuming. The first step is get one investor interested in backing your venture. Once you...