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16Jul / 2014

Primer of Valuations for your Startup

Everything you need to know about your Startup Valuation.This session on Valuations is a part of LetsVenture's signature Angel Investing Made Easy - Workshop.

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03Jul / 2014

Featured Syndicates - Get Featured - Get Funded Faster

LetsVenture enables syndication in a very easy way using the Featured Syndicate feature on the platform. It is quite common in early stage funding for a startup that several angel investors participate in a round to support the startup, typically called a Syndicate. In a typical syndicate, Investors invest anywhere from 10K – 50K USD per startup to close the round.   Snap shot of a Featured Syndicate :

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12May / 2014

Startup Funding Made Easy - Slides

Basic Concepts about Startup Funding :

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04May / 2014

Lead Investor on LetsVenture

Today, at LetsVenture,  we have more than 800+ angel investors from 19 countries. We have new angel investors and a lot of experienced angels – however every time a startup looks to actively build their syndicate, the “Lead Investor” ‘s role becomes critical.

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27Feb / 2014

How to Incorporate your Startup in USA?

Anil Advani from Inventus Law talks about how to setup the correct Legal Structure right from DAY-1 foryour Startup.

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19Feb / 2014

Suresh Shanmugham | Saama Capital

Mr. Suresh Shanmugham from Sama Capital talks about the 4 most important things they look for in a Startup before Investing. #sfme

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03Feb / 2014

Public Profiles for your Startup [New Feature]

Our product team @ LetsVenture is always cooking something. We can tell you that you will love this one. We do! Now, your basic profile is accessible via a public URL without login. Don't believe us, then check this out (without logging in on LetsVenture).

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09Jan / 2014

Myths of Angel Investing

June 2012: I met an entrepreneur friend, with a brilliant idea, validation already done and a frenzy passion to make it big. I loved her idea and the belief - Anyone who met her would know the idea was different and would easily attract angel money. She raised her angel round...

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03Jan / 2014

Angel Investor Tips

With the Indian startup eco-system really flowering, I am seeing an increasing interest from HNIs in India and abroad to invest in startups as Angel Investors.

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20Dec / 2013

The Power of Syndicates

Raising an angel round for an entrepreneur is critical for survival and growth. The process is hard and time consuming. The first step is get one investor interested in backing your venture. Once you have that going, it still takes considerable time to raise the rest of the round. 

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05Oct / 2013

Winning Business Plan

An active angel or seed stage investor would typically receive tens of enquiries, from entrepreneurs looking to fundraise, on a daily basis. A well-crafted business plan document is a key weapon that Founders have to differentiate their venture from the crowd.

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01Oct / 2013

What do Angel Investors Look for?

The Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved over the last decade. It is exponentially increasing with a number of new ventures starting at a regular basis.

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23Sep / 2013

The Journey So Far

As we move into our private beta launch, we thought that our first blog entry should share the journey so far at LetsVenture. If someone now told me that his startup was born “over a mug of beer on a warm Sunday afternoon” or “at a coffee shop with friends brainstorming on a paper napkin”

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23Sep / 2013

About Us

LetsVenture enables startups looking to raise seed / angel money to create investment ready profiles online, and connect to accredited Investors. We also allow startups to get their business plans reviewed by our experts as well as connect to mentors. Once a startup has verbal commitments from...

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14Jan / 2013

How to get LinkedIn Profile URL for filling up LetsVenture form

How to get your own LinkedIn Profile URL?
1. Go to your own LinkedIn profile page
2. You will find the LinkedIn Profile URL listed below the photo, see the screenshot below.




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