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16Jun / 2015

My Funding Story: Aureus Analytics

LetsVenture in conversation with Anurag Shah, Founder of Aureus Analytics. What led Aureus to go for funding? How did they find their investors? And a lot more about the funding story...

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08Jun / 2015

My Funding Story : AdPushup

LetsVenture in conversation with Ankit Oberoi, Co-Founder, AdPushup.

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05Jun / 2015

7 Mantras shared by Phanindra Sama (Redbus) and Shiju Radhakrishnan (iTraveller) at Letsventure Open House

LetsVenture first Open House session was conducted on 22nd of May with an objective to disseminate the knowledge around early stage startup equity funding in India & to facilitate a deeper conversation around it.

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28May / 2015

#1 : Know Your Angel - Vikram Chachra

Know Your Angel series #1 brings you Vikram Chachra, Founding partner at Eight Innovate. Vikram backs exceptional founders that are passionate about solving hard problems by using Internet based technologies. 

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18May / 2015

Startup Mini Storms

“Storms make you wiser,” she stated and I nodded in agreement. One advantage of building a company ground up is the opportunity of spotting small problems with a potential to snowball into larger problems with time.

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11May / 2015

Raising Seed/Angel Round: (Part 2) Valuations and Term Sheets for Startups

Continuing on our series of blog posts around raising seed/angel round for startups, we will focus on Valuations and the clauses in a term sheet. 

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03May / 2015

Raising Seed/Angel round : (Part 1) A Primer

I plan to write a series of blog posts emphasizing on some of the basics of raising angel round – When and how to raise angel funding, how much to raise, who determines my valuation, term sheet basics and what investors look for. 
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27Apr / 2015

Here is what happened at LetsIgnite 2015: India's Biggest Angel/Entrepreneur Summit

LetsIgnite on 22nd April, 2015 witnessed a fully packed crowd of Angels & Entreprenuers leading to meaningful conversations with strong panelists like Naveen Tewari (Inmobi), Sharad Sharma (iSpirit), Kunal Shah (Freecharge), Ravi Gururaj(Nasscom Executive) and others. Check out what all happened at the event.

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24Apr / 2015

Tweet -o- Greet | LetsIgnite

22nd April 2015 was graduation day for LetsVenture! That’s what we were told by an  investor who attended LetsIgnite – our first flagship event and a True Entrepreneur / Angel Summit.

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13Apr / 2015

What you should know before you Pitch your company at a Global Level

SocialCops was a finalist at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (2013) held by the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. We came out as winners for the Information and Communications Technology prize and in the process we’ve learn’t a LOT. I’m trying to summarize my learnings with what we did right and what we did wrong so far.

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06Apr / 2015

Startup : Its all about the journey and not about the destination

Startup is kind of new Smoking. Its cool to be creative, its cool to be making something. Every now and then we hear a lot about many people starting up, raising money, selling off to big brands and may be some making something that is extremely reasonable and very helpful.

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23Mar / 2015

LetsIgnite’15 - Startup Curation process

We received an overwhelming response from startups for LetsIgnite with 520 startup applications. 

At LetsVenture, we believe in transparency. To satisfy the curiosity for all the participating startups and investors, here is the curation process that we have designed. We have taken care of every minute details so that this Summit helps derive maximum value for both - startups and angel investors.

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17Mar / 2015

The PosterGully Story — How We’re Building a Killer Brand

It’s been a long time since I last wrote! We have been too busy with expanding our product mix, on-boarding new artists, fundraising & hiring. But I've been thinking of scribbling down my start-up journey for a long time now. So I think today is good day to stop putting it off.

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04Mar / 2015

LetsIgnite’15 - An initiative by LetsVenture (#LetsIgnite)

LetsVenture is organizing the first Angel Summit of India - LetsIgnite.

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24Feb / 2015

The Story of a young angel investor - Utsav Somani

Utsav Somani is a young tech and start-up enthusiast with a bachelors degree in Information Systems Management from Singapore Management University and a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School Barcelona. He is currently heading the Delhi office of LetsVenture, your local evangelist & guide for Startups and Investors in NCR region.

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18Feb / 2015

Jiffstore in Top 5 of 19th Wharton India Economic Forum

Indian startup ecosystem is truly shining with Indian startups making its mark at international stages. The latest in the row is Jiffstore being shortlisted in Top 5 of 19th Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF).

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11Feb / 2015

We focus on startups building businesses, not on just technology: Pankaj Jain, 500 Startups

True to the Bangalore’s image as the Silicon Valley of India, LetsVenture’s Founders’ Roundtable with Pankaj Jain of 500 Startups yesterday morning received a good response from startup founders. The session was attended by 13 selected startups. We have collated the key takeaways from the session for the benefit of startups who couldn’t be a part of this session

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06Feb / 2015

Autowale - Powering reliable & efficient urban mobility

In 21st century Indian commuters have seen Radio-Cab companies grow, some building a Pan-India brand and others capturing local markets. While everyone was betting on cabs, Autowale started romancing Rickshaws in Pune and launched Radio-Auto in 2011. 

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30Jan / 2015

LetsIgnite Mixer - Delhi | Snapshots

We are speeding up for LetsIgnite - The Ultimate Angel Unconference on a beach!

In order to ride the next wave of Indian Startups, we are hosting mixers in different cities. LetsIgnite : Mixer (the roadshow) is scheduled to be held in 5+ cities before the main angel unconference in Goa.

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28Jan / 2015

The Trackmemo journey

Wouldn't it be great if we had Google Now for Work? As a Product Manager I often joked that my main job was to deliver information - too often information that was buried deep in some comment thread or inside an application. Jipy, on the other hand, had worked for years as a common resource across multiple teams and spent a bulk of his time ...

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