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22Dec / 2015

Why LetsVenture?

In 2013 when LetsVenture was founded, angel investors still followed traditional, offline, time-consuming ways to discover deals. Who would have imagined angels syndicating deals online? Fast forward to 2015 and we at LetsVenture have been able to do just that - disrupt the angel investing space in a way unimaginable. Here’s how...

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20Dec / 2015

Splitting to Grow: Distributing Founders’ Equity (Part 1)

“A ship is safe in harbor but that’s not what ships are for...”

Those who start something of their own do so because they believe they have a great idea. If you can relate to this, you will also agree that it isn’t all about money. It is about doing something fantastic, revolutionary, life changing.

And yet, funding or money problems are one of the biggest reasons for start-ups to fall flat.  As a start up, probably the first time that you’ll handle money decisions is when you split the Founders’ Equity.

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05Dec / 2015

Chennai Startups, We’re here for you!

Amidst all the chaos and confusion, we understand that it is as important for you to stay safe, as it is to pursue the work that you are so passionate about. LetsVenture is with you and we’re opening our doors to you. Come work with us!

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23Nov / 2015

Investor reporting: easiest and the most underused tool available to a startup

Past few weeks at LetsVenture have been a eye opener. When you work at a company, which is India’s most trusted and biggest platform for angels and startups to interact, you get to meet and interact with kickass entrepreneurs and inspiring angel investors; people who are doing cool stuff and people who have been there & done that.
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16Oct / 2015

How mockbank raised $400K in funding: Fundraising, optimizing resources available and having a grand vision

Looking back at when I was planning on appearing for JEE/PMT, I felt the lack of test preparation options in my city, really compromised on my own preparation. “This is something that stayed with me, and when I wanted to get into the startup world, this problem was one, that I constantly wanted to and kept trying to solve.”

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13Oct / 2015

First Mover Disadvantages

For ages, we all have been hearing success stories of first movers.   We have heard people behind these successes saying "we were successful..." that ends with the most repeated phrase " because we had first mover advantage". If that is true, should late movers not enter  into business?

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14Sep / 2015

LetsVenture in collaboration with Sylvant Advisors launches The Edcubator

 Sylvant Advisors, in collaboration with LetsVenture, announces the launch of The Edcubator, India’s first Education-sector-focused virtual incubator. The Edcubator is now inviting edupreneurs who are ready to scale transformative education-sector focused solutions through innovative business models.

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11Sep / 2015

How to promote your startup amongst your audience by organising events?

There are many cost effective channels which startups can use to do marketing. One of the channels which is missed by quite a many of us is organising events for our targeted audience. One of the best ways to market yourself is to educate your target audience.

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09Sep / 2015

2 years since private beta launch - Key Highlights at LetsVenture

Sept 9th 2015 marks 2 years since LetsVenture launched the beta version of the marketplace with the vision to make startup funding easy, efficient, transparent,  and accessible to a large number of startups in the country. 2 years down, LetsVenture has emerged the dominant leader in this space.
A moment to reflect on the journey and share the key highlights – with the promise that we will continue to disrupt the investing space and create value going forward.
Highlight #1: LetsVenture is a technology-enabled marketplace, designed to create disruption at scale
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07Sep / 2015

How Ressy Closed $400K in Angel Investment on LetsVenture

Looking back about 5 - 6 years, E-commerce companies catering to restaurants etc, haven’t started focusing majorly on what can be described as the ‘backbone’ of the problem that persists within the service industry i.e. The problem of Capacity planning. Irrespective of whether the business is delivery centric or dining; there is no platform with a “customer-on-demand” model in place. 
Fast forward to 2015, Ressy recognises and accounts for this gap in this particular business and creates a dynamic mobile app providing customers with discounts at local restaurants in real-time.
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02Sep / 2015

What I learned about mentorship in my two startups

I started my first company in 2013, but I had to shutdown before its first anniversary in 2014. There were many reasons for our failure, one of the major reason being the lack of mentorship.  

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30Aug / 2015

How Footprints raised $672K in Angel Funding via LetsVenture

The experience of Footprints Childcare, a non-tech startup in a tech dominated world
Browsing through the archives of funded startups, it is noticeable that Tech startups have been at the forefront, when compared to non-tech startups. Sectors such as Consumer Internet, Mobile & SaaS etc being the most prominent amongst these, for startups.
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24Aug / 2015

Reference guide for responses from Angel Investors

We have seen many articles dissing angel investors for saying ‘no’ in different ways or even disguising it with creative phrases. I am privy to some of these, cause I tend to use them too. As most angel investors would agree, we all have restrictions and limitations in terms of time, capital, knowledge and patience.

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21Aug / 2015

Tyranny of sanitized startup pitches: Venkat Raju (Angel Investor)

After listening to a series of fundraising pitches in the past few weeks -- in an industry forum, at a closed-door investor session, at a crowdfunding platform, at a panel in an accelerator -- I have been wondering why is there no sizzle or creativity in these pitches. 

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17Aug / 2015

Newer Greens for Angels - Looking Towards Newer Pastures

As the dust and initial bit of hoopla settles on the ‘hot’ sectors like FoodTech, Last-mile logistics, Hyper-local services & discovery and Uber for X modeled startups, I wanted to share with everyone what the trend I see going forward until the closing of 2015 will be.

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06Aug / 2015

Inkmonk - The deep dive into fundraising - from learning hands on to raising $320k

Flashback to September 2014, Inkmonk had started out by attempting to bring the printing industry online. At this point Isaac, Founder of Inkmonk, says, he knew almost nothing about fundraising.

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27Jul / 2015

iTraveller - Pursuing your startup dream: About the lessons not regrets

It isn’t uncommon to see people quit their corporate jobs to pursue their startup dreams. Of course it works for some and doesn’t for others. What then, is it that people do to ensure they are met with success? Is there a tried and tested formula that exists? 
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20Jul / 2015

3 Tips to become an Angel Investor

Known as a business angel or an informal investor or an angel funder, these are people who provide financial backing to startups or entrepreneurs when the rest of the world is not willing to take the risk.

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30Jun / 2015

Investments in India by non - resident Indians - Policy Liberalisation

Under India’s FDI policy, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have been permitted to invest in India both on a repatriable and non-repatriable basis, subject to certain conditions...

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24Jun / 2015

Love and Learning from Angel Investing

Many who are joining the ever-increasing swarm of angel investors think that any semi-pro gambler with affection for the ‘tech’ world and a flair for networking powerfully over cocktails at one of the countless startup events can become a successful ‘angel’. Well, that’s partly how I started off but I did observe and picked up certain learnings that I thought would be good to share. 

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