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LetsVenture in collaboration with Sylvant Advisors launches The Edcubator

 Sylvant Advisors, in collaboration with LetsVenture, announces the launch of The Edcubator, India’s first Education-sector-focused virtual incubator. The Edcubator is now...

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How to promote your startup amongst your audience by organising events?

There are many cost effective channels which startups can use to do marketing. One of the channels which is missed by quite a many of us is organising events for our targeted audience. One of the best...


2 years since private beta launch - Key Highlights at LetsVenture

Sept 9th 2015 marks 2 years since LetsVenture launched the beta version of the marketplace with the vision to make startup funding easy, efficient, transparent,  and accessible to a large number...

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How Ressy Closed $400K in Angel Investment on LetsVenture

Looking back about 5 - 6 years, E-commerce companies catering to restaurants etc, haven’t started focusing majorly on what can be described as the ‘backbone’ of the problem that persists within...

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What I learned about mentorship in my two startups

I started my first company in 2013, but I had to shutdown before its first anniversary in 2014. There were many reasons for our failure, one of the major reason being the lack of mentorship.