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#1 : Know Your Angel - Vikram Chachra

Know Your Angel series #1 brings you Vikram Chachra, Founding partner at Eight Innovate. Vikram backs exceptional founders that are passionate about solving hard problems by using Internet based...

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Startup Mini Storms

“Storms make you wiser,” she stated and I nodded in agreement. One advantage of building a company ground up is the opportunity of spotting small problems with a potential to snowball into...

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Raising Seed/Angel Round: (Part 2) Valuations and Term Sheets for Startups

Continuing on our series of blog posts around raising seed/angel round for startups, we will focus on Valuations and the clauses in a term sheet. 

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Raising Seed/Angel round : (Part 1) A Primer

I plan to write a series of blog posts emphasizing on some of the basics of raising angel round – When and how to raise angel funding, how much to raise, who determines my valuation, term sheet...