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21Nov / 2016

A leaner and meaner search tool on LetsVenture

For the last 2.5 years, we crowdsourced sectors from startups profiles to accommodate all the different sectors on our platform. Fast forward to early 2016, we had 1300+ sectors/sub-sectors for startups. As you might predict, this made rendering an accurate search with all those sectors and matching them with investors a very cumbersome and tedious task. So in short; we needed a structure to streamline all the sectors/sub-sectors for a more efficient and effective search/pairing workflow.

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21Nov / 2016

Addressing the Pain Points. Ouch. And, 2 New App Features.

We switched up a few things on the app this month. In our pursuit for a seamless, light and hassle-free experience, we reflected on two user experience pain points; Founder-Investor interaction and App Accessibility.

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09Nov / 2016

LetsIgnite Roadshow: The Kanpur Report

(5 min read) Over the last two years, startup activity and Angel investor activity in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities such as Kanpur, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Pune have significantly grown. We’ve seen local angel networks sprout with angels actively looking for investment opportunities. In fact, about 13% of the investors on our platform are from tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Visiting Kanpur, as part of the LetsIgnite Roadshow, gave us a chance to interact with local angels and get first-hand insights of Kanpur’s angel ecosystem.

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24Oct / 2016

Meet LetsVenture Mobile App 1.2.8

(3 min read) We are excited to announce LetsVenture Mobile App 1.2.8 to our community today!

Over the last 1,781 hours*, we’ve done, undone, finessed and become one with the LetsVenture Mobile app. For you. Our goal is to develop a forum that truly enables easy and intelligent connection between investors and startups for early stage funding.

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20Oct / 2016

LetsIgnite Roadshow #1 Mumbai.

(2 min read) A quick summary of the LetsIgnite Roadshow in Mumbai. The event was attended by Sanjay Mehta, Ajeet Khurana, Farooq Oomerbhoy and Nirav Chokski. There were 52 other investors and 4 startups at the event.

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14Oct / 2016

India’s Angels. Data Insights.

(5 min read) In this post, LV does the math to demystify the current Indian Angel Ecosystem. We’ve gathered funding data from our platform with over 12,000 startups and 2500 investors to provide insights on investment trends, location based activity and specific comparisons between 2015 and 2016 market shifts.

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06Oct / 2016

India's largest Angel Conference is back!

LetsIgnite, India's largest Angel Conference, is back. This year we're kicking things off with the LetsIgnite Roadshow : an all-India event that will host angel workshops across 9 Indian cities between 19 October 2016 and 10 January 2017.

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06Sep / 2016

The Networked VC and Syndicate Investing

Research shows that a better-networked VC has better fund performance. Being part of a connected network or syndicate goes deeper than piggybacking on VC acumen.  Our syndicate option provides an informed marketplace where lead investors can share their deals with other investors. This social aspect means greater visibility and engaged audiences for investors.

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06Sep / 2016

LetsVenture announces the Angel-in-Residence Program

LetsVenture is working to enable investors in Tier 2 cities where the entrepreneurial and funding ecosystem is nascent in comparison to metro cities like Bangalore and Delhi. Recently, an angel study conducted by us highlighted startup activity in Tier 2 cities will soon match with metros. With an objective to nurture the Angel communities in these cities, we are introducing the ‘Angels in residence’ program (AIR).

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05Jul / 2016

Here’s why we launched LetsVenture’s mobile app

Based on 2 primary goals to create ease of access to deal flow, AND to ensure information sharing is done in a time sensitive way, we decided to launch the mobile app for investors.

The app has allowed Investors and startups to take the LetsVenture ecosystem with them wherever they go. The app is now available on both iOS and Android platform.


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10Jun / 2016

LetsVenture Investor Feature - Apurva Salarpuria

This week we chatted with real estate group scion Apurva Salarpuria of the Salarpuria Group. He firmly believes in “Brand India” and aspires to contribute to the India story by investing in creation of Indian brands. Over the past years, he has invested in several consumer companies that have the potential to become big and take the India consumer story global. With over 15 companies in his portfolio...

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26May / 2016

LetsVenture Investor Feature - Vikram Chachra

An experienced investor, entrepreneur, advisor, avid photographer, traveller and a 'New Yorker morphed into a Mumbaikar'. That's Vikram Chachra - co-founder & Managing Partner of Eight Capital. His experience as investor and entrepreneur shone through our conversation as we chatted about angel investing, startups and much more...

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19May / 2016

Angel Investing in India — Crystal ball gazing for new opportunities

As a follow up to my previous crystal-ball gazing into the realm of investing trends for early stage angels, I’d like to share some more thoughts, amongst the noise of valuation markdowns, eCommerce players taking potshots at each other and social media babas’ revealing some hard truths in the maligned Indian startup ecosystem.

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29Apr / 2016

Power Searching with LetsVenture's Advanced Search

Meet LetsVenture’s smart new feature that allows you to explore more startups, while filtering and customising your search results

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31Mar / 2016

Tipping Point | Primer on Angel Investing

LetsIgnite - India’s largest and foremost angel conference took place on 10th and 11th March 2016, in Bangalore at ITC Gardenia. This was LetsVenture’s second successful angel conference in the past 2 years.  

LetsIgnite, played host to highly curated seed, angel stage startups as well as high  growth start-ups, connecting them to VCs and angel investors. The event saw over 250 investors from across the globe and a well curated presence of 20 high growth start-ups (on day one). 

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22Mar / 2016

Top 9 tips to be a successful Angel investor

Two leading names in India’s angel investment and venture funding ecosystem today shared their secrets of successful investing at the LetsIgnite conference in Bangalore. They were frank and answered every question that aspiring angel investors and startups asked them.

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22Feb / 2016

#LetsIgnite 2016: What’s in store for you as a growth stage startup?

The VC world is small and connected, whereas the Angel space is highly fragmented, thus limiting your reach and the level of unbiased impact you can have. Getting turned down by 10 angels leaves you with at least 1000 more, however things function differently within the VC community which is small and connected. This means you have to play your cards right. Listed below are the key takeaways:

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19Feb / 2016

Hacking and Surviving my second year as an Angel Investor

Can’t deny that time does fly fast. Feels like it was just yesterday that I was recounting my days of pondering over the thoughts of early stage investing. Here I am again, to share some of my hacks, tricks and learnings for someone who wants to get into ‘angel’ investing

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21Jan / 2016

Here’s Why Pitching With An Angel Investor Increases Your Chances Of Fundraising

One of the most trusted approaches in start-up marketing is to have your customers advocate your brand. Can the same approach bring similar results when an Angel Investor advocates your startup and pitches with you to other Investors?

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18Jan / 2016

5 Quotes from startups who raised funds at LetsIgnite 2015

Last Year LetsIgnite received 520+ applications from startups, of whom 30 startups were invited for the event. Below are quotes from 5 such startup founders who had the opportunity to experience LetsIgnite 2015, first-hand. 

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